Repairing vs. Replacing a TV in Nairobi,Kenya

On this article you will get to know on Repairing vs Replacing a TV which is the best option for you.If the value of repairs is adequate to or greater than half the value of a replacement TV, it’s going to be time to exchange your television. You would possibly also want to exchange your set if an identical one is a smaller amount than Ksh20000, or if your screen is under 32″.For example, it might cost around Ksh15000 for a replacement mainboard in an LG Model 24LF452B 24″ TV, which might take around one hour to repair.

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As a result, you’ll pay anywhere from Ksh19000 to Ksh21000 to repair your set, as against spending around Ksh12000 for a brand-new model. Usually, more popular TVs cost less to repair because repair shops can purchase parts at a lower cost.CRT TVs are a somewhat special case since they’ve quickly been phased out by flat-screen models.

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The capacitors during a tube are dangerous, even after it has been unplugged for days. You should not plan to repair them unless you’re an experienced prefixing a broken TV rather than throwing it away and buying a replacement one can prevent money. If your TV stops working, you would like to urge it repaired as soon as possible. Start by checking your TV manufacturer’s manual or website. They typically have a troubleshooting guide. Once you’ve found the matter, contact a reliable TV fix-it shop. Some give free estimates, while others charge for a diagnosis. If your television needs frequent repairs, it’s going to be near the top of its lifespan. If yours has required quite a couple of repairs within a twelve-month period, it might be time for a replacement.

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How much do TV repair shops charge?

Most TV repair shops charge from Ksh6000 to Ksh12500 per hour or a flat rate of Ksh5000 to Ksh25000, which incorporates the diagnostic fee. Most repair shops have a minimum charge, somewhere around Ksh9000. Costs vary, counting on the problem of the repairs needed and therefore the brand and sort of TV. Labor costs range from Ksh6000 to Ksh12500 per hour or a flat rate of Ksh9000 to Ksh30000. If a TV repair near you sends a technician to your home, the value ranges from Ksh2500 to Ksh12500 per hour plus the trip fee. A mean repair takes from 1 to three hours if the parts are available.To know more on Repairing vs Replacing a TV call us on 0706731791

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