Top Best Desktop computers for sale in Kenya

Desktop computers for sale in Kenya

Are you looking for  the best Desktop computers for sale in Nairobi Kenya? Look no further as NextGen Solutions   are the best sellers of  brand new Desktop computers and Ex uk Desktop Computers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have desktop computers of different price range  depending on the specification. All you need to do is call us on  0706731791 to talk to our attendant and give  the specification of the machine that you need. You will be advices on the the best based on the features, specifications, pros and cones of the said desktop computers.


All around the globe, desktop PCs are majorly valued and extensively preferred despite the development of a more light and portable suggestion. Still in possession of the same processor the performance of a desktop PC is significantly better in comparison to either a laptop or a tablet.

If ever a list of all the laptops in Kenya was launched, the brand string would be endless from the mighty Apple, HP, Lenovo, Dell and Asus. When configurations are involved the user can prefer micro or mini computers, complete desktops or towers. Complete desktops offer keyboards, monitor, CPU and mouse. Operating systems such as Linus (Ubuntu), windows and free docs are in among the list of desktops.

Listed below are the top choices of  Desktop computers for sale in Nairobi Kenya

  1. HP Compaq pro 6300 microtower-500GB – 4GB RAM – core i5

This desktop has a CPU of Intel core i5, a GPU of Intel HD Graphics, a 4GB RAM and 500 GB HDD storage space. This HP operates under Windows 10 with an 18.5 inches display. The desktop has a performance pro and storage con. This desktop is approximated to cost Ksh 58,000.

  1. Acer desktop computer 7th generation 7400 -i5 Intel core –Tc -780- Ne

This desktop is approximated to cost Ksh 65,500 in Kenya. It has a 7th generation CPU of i5 Intel core, an Intel HD Graphics GPU, 8 GB RAM and 2 TB storage space. Operation is under Windows 10 system without a monitor. High performance and large storage capacity are some advantages it natures.

  1. Dell OptiPlex 3020 – 3.6GHZ – Windows 8.1pro – 500Hdd – 4GB RAM – I3 Intel.

With a storage capacity of 500GB HDD and a Windows 8.1 the desktop costs Ksh38, 000. It has a Intel core i3-4160 and a 18.5 inches monitor. It is advantaged to good pricing, performance and complete setup.

  1. Dell OptiPlex 7010 DT Intel core i5 3.2 GHz – 4 GB RAM 500 GB HDD 3470 Quad.

Dell OptiPlex desktop has a 4GB DDR3 RAM, CPU Intel core i5, 500GB storage space, 18.5 inch monitor and complete setup high performance and low price. This desktop is light compared to the previous desktops with only 8kg.

In Kenya desktop pricing has an extreme range from the lowers costing as low as Ksh 9,900 and Ksh150, 000 at the highest.


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