1 Day Old Improved Kienyeji Chicks for Sale in Nairobi Kenya

1 Day Old Improved Kienyeji Chicks for Sale in Nairobi Kenya

one day kienyeji chicks for sale

Are you looking for one day old kienyeji chicks for sale in Nairobi, Kenya? Look no Further as at Nextgen Poultry Solutions We offer strong, healthy and vaccinated one day old improved kienyeji chicks of varied breeds. We have Kari improved kienyeji chick for sale, Kuroiler improved kienyeji chick for sale, Rainbow Improved Kienyeji chick for sale and Kenbro Improved kienyeji chick for sale. Contact us today for booking on 0792936038  or email us on chicks@nextgensolutions.co.ke. The chicks are available only on order so that we can make sure you get only the best breed and healthy chicks. The minimum we sell is 50 chicks. To book send as the down payment of half the total amount to our Paybill number 4032375 AccNumber:chicks


If you wondering where to buy kari improved kienyeji chicks just contact us on that call For the best supplier of the one day old improved Kienyeji Chicks in Nairobi, Kenya or You could also be wondering where to buy kuroiler chicks in Kenya.Worry no more as we have one day old kuroiler chicks for  sale

We usually start selling the chicks once they are 3 days old so as to make sure we vaccinate them and also to make sure that we are ready to select and sell the healthiest and therefore the strongest chicks.

one day kienyeji chicks for sale


 We’ve three days old, one week old, fortnight old and even month old chicks of Improved Kienyeji, normal kienyeji, layers, broilers, kenbro, Indian Kuroiler, ducks and other breeds of poultry in Kenya.

Why choose our one Day old Improved Kienyeji Chicks

1. Excellent eggs and Incubator


Fertilized  eggs for sale in Kenya

Our chicks are hatched from top quality and punctiliously selected eggs. The hatching process is completed in extremely hygienic environment using modern machines with the simplest conditions within the industry. The chicks are safely packaged using the fashionable packaging techniques. The picking point is in Nairobi but transport can be arranged for customers who want them delivered.

2. Training and Support to our Customers

Since the brooding process may be a challenge to several farmers especially those that are new poultry farming, Nextgen Poultry Solutions   trains you on the way to handle the young chicks. We take you thru the entire process of brooder construction, vaccination, vitamins, feeding and other important things that are necessary to effectively raise your chicks.

3. Vaccination

Mostly we sell one chick on the third day this is to ensure we give the first vaccination that is done on the one day old Kienyeji chick called the Mareks

4. Affordable Price

We sell to you the one day old improved kienyeji chick at Ksh 100. Then for the 3 weeks we sell it at Ksh 180.This is a very affordable price as the improved Kienyeji from the 4 to 4 and half month it will start to lay the eggs which translate to a source of income if you had bought many chickens.

Kienyeji Chicken Vaccination Schedule

AGE Vaccine
One day Old Mareks
2 Weeks Old Gumboro
3 Weeks Old Newcastle
6 Weeks Old Fowl Pox
8 Weeks Old Fowl Typhoid
19 Weeks Old Deworming



kari improved kienyeji chicks for sale

This breed entered Kenya from Uganda but it originates from India.It is a hybrid of chicken developed be Keggfarm Groups in Gurgaon. Kuroilers are within the kenyan marketplace for an extended time thus they’re popular to Kenyans


• multicoloured.

• Kuroilers are dual purpose for producing meat and eggs.

• Able to adapted to free of charge range and scavenging.

• Resistance to common poultry diseases.

• Have high maturity-Mature males 3.5-4 Kgs, Females 2.5-3 Kgs.

•They have a high egg production: 20-25 eggs per month.

• Kuroilers have a cheap laying period; 1.5 years.

•Feed consumption; average (medium) feeder.

• Kuroiler Sitting characteristics; doesn’t sit on eggs (does not get broody).


one day kienyeji chicks for sale
1 Day old Sasso chicks

•Sasso This new breed was developed in France and has gained popularity in Tanzania and Kenya, best sasso chicks in Kenya are available through Silver-lands Poultry Tz agents available in most parts of the country.

•Sasso weight gain Live weight 2200 – 2400 g in 84 days  The slow growth broilers selected by the SASSO are for outdoor raising of Label Rouge, farmer, pre-started or organic chicken types.

•Issued from the cross breeding of a Sasso rooster and a recessive Sasso hen, they meet the wants of traditional markets dedicated to providing high quality meat while respecting our surroundings and animal welfare

•Sasso genetic potential allows optimal expression of market weight after about 84 days of breeding.

• Sasso resemble our own native chickens, the Sasso chicken grow faster, with delicious and tender meat and powerful disease resistance.

* Sasso chickens are often raised as broiler and are good layers too once they reach six months aged. Sasso hens lay naturally brown, tasty, nutritious and with less cholesterol eggs.

Kuloiler  chicks  in kenya
Mature Mature Sasso chicken


one day kienyeji chicks for sale

COBB 500 is that the hottest breed in Kenya. It is also the planet hottest breed. Continued progress with the breed is maintained though the planned systematic efforts of COBB research geneticists. With today’s high feed costs, efficient broiler feed conversion may be a great advantage for any farmer.


* Color; White.

 * Maturity; 6 weeks. Weigh from 1.5 Kgs.

 * Efficient feed conversion.

Commercial layers

They are kept for egg production. Unlike other chicken, they produce more eggs consistently for an extended period. Commonest layers breed in Kenyan farms are Hyaline, Lohman brown and Sussex breed.


• Color; rown.

• Start of laying period, 18 weeks.

• Egg shell colour, brown.

•weight at laying period 2kgs.

• High egg production.

• Economical laying period;18-81 weeks.

•Production at peak; 96%

•Feed consumption; average (medium) feeder

kari chicks for sale


Kenbro, this is often a breed of improved kienyeji with improved traits also.It was first bred and introduced to farmers by Kenchic LTD.


•Kenbro have a brown unique color. Multicoloured Kenbros are slowly been introduced into the market.

• Kenbro are Suitable for both eggs and meat.  It’s a dual purpose breed

• They are able to adapte to free range and scavenging.

•  moderate disease resistance.

•    Have fast maturity-Mature males 3.5-4 Kgs, Females 2.5-3 Kgs.

•             Kenbro have high egg production: 20-25 eggs per month.

•  They are economical when it comes to laying period; 1.5 years.

•             Kenbro feed consumption; Heavy feeder.

•             *Kenbro Sitting characteristics; doesn’t sit on eggs (does not get broody).

Cockerels (Jogoo chicks)

Cockerels are male chicks that hatch with commercial layers (hens).


• Colour; Predominant colour is white.Secondary colours are * grey,black and brown.

•Single purpose for producing meat.

• Suitabl for free of charge range.

• Moderate disease resistance.

•The Maturity-5.5 months.

• Weigh 2-3 Kgs.

•Feed consumption; average (medium)


kari one day kienyeji chicks for sale

We have one day Kari Kienyeji Chicks for sale at Ksh 100. Call us today for booking on 0706731791


how much is a day old chick

Improved Kienyeji Kari,Kuroilers and Rainbow Roosters price in Kenya 2020

3 days old chick- Ksh 120

1 week old chick- Ksh 140

2 week old chick – Ksh 170

3 week old chick – Ksh 200

1 month old chick -Ksh 250

2 month old chick-Ksh 400

Mature Hens – Ksh 800

Mature Cocks – Ksh 1200