Jacuzzi and Hot Tub  Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

Best Jacuzzi & Hot tub repair services in Kenya

Are you trying to find the best bathing tub and Jaccuzi repair services near you? We understand that getting an expert to repair your Jacuzzi is tough and time consuming. That’s why at Nextgen Solutions we came up with the thought of providing professional expert services for Jacuzzi repair. So you as our customer can hire the best expert professional anywhere and anytime in line with your schedule.Also our technicians can handle your routine tub and Jacuzzi service. We do Jacuzzi services like balancing and sanitizing your Jacuzzi water, cleaning the quilt, cleaning the filters, check all operations and functions to forestall any surprise repairs.Also we are able to offer weekly, monthly, and situational services. Can call us on 0718 610 593  or email us on services@nextgensolutions.co.ke or Schedule the service online on.

Why Nextgen Jacuzzi Repair Service?

Verified Professionals: All the Nextgen Technician are certified professionals who are taken through screening for verification. We also give them training to confirm that only good quality of labor is offered to our customers.
Customer Protection: We feel responsible of your appliances and so we offer customer protection.
Flexibility: we offer repair services for all Jacuzzi brand and categories.
Service Guarantee: We take full ownership of our service and thus by providing you with 90 days service guarantee.

Services Offered in tub and Jacuzzi Repair Services

Hot tab and Jacuzzi Installation:If you would like to install a Jacuzzi we are just a phone call away.
Uninstalling: Whenever you wish to uninstall your Jacuzzi or Hot tub you can count on us.
Cleaning the filters: Is your washer spinning abnormally contact us for professional inspection from our expert professionals.
Other: If you’re Jacuzzi have the other issue than one Listed you’ll call us on 0718 610 593 or email us on services@nextgensolutions.co.ke

5 Common bathtub and Jacuzzi Problems

1.Your Jacuzzi won’t heat up properly.
2. The jets aren’t working properly.
3. Board is displaying a mistake code.
4. Your pump is making a really eruption.
5. GFCI breaker keeps tripping


5 Tips to keep up your bathtub and Jacuzzi after Service

1. Use Jacuzzi covers this can be one easy to keep your spa and its water clean.
2. Use either chlorine or bromine to sanitize your spa.
3. You must clean & replace filters
4. Always drain, clean, and refill water.
5. Use your Jacuzzi! Not only are there many health benefits of using a Jacuzzi, but it’s also easier to know if maintenance is required on your

Jacuzzi and Hot tub repair parts

We ensure we repair you Jacuzzi with original spare parts that will last for a long time.Get in touch with us for any repair part that you need for your Jacuzzi and Hot tub

Jacuzzi Repair Services Provider Near you.

You could be wondering “Can I get Jacuzzi repair service near me”? Yes you’ll be able to as we provide our services across the country. Call us today on 0718 610 593 or email us on services@nextgensolutions.co.ke