Top Best Plumbing Services in Nairobi Kenya

Top Best plumbing company  in Kenya

Are you looking for the top best Plumbing services in Nairobi, Kenya?  Look no further as  as Nextfix we offer professional plumbing services in Nairobi, Kenya. We have well trained plumbers  who are ready to server you. We use genuine Plumbing materials  to do all the repairs and installation services. If you are looking for Plumbing materials Kenya we are ready to serve you. If you are wondering  if you can get a  Plumber near you just call us on 0718 610 593 or email us on will dispatch the available plumber within the shortest time possible.


Why we are the top best  plumbing services Provider  in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Same Day Plumbing Repair Service
  •  Flexible Appointment Timings
  •  Quality Workmanship
  •  Competitive Repair Prices
  •  All Type Of Plumbing Solutions
  •  Guarantee on Labor and Parts

About Nextfix Plumbing Services

Nextfix Plumbing Services and Contractor, We are proud to be the one-stop-solution for all types of Plumbing repair Services in Nairobi, Kenya.  We offer below services:

Water Pipelines & SWR Pipelines

Wall Mounted Washbasin

Pedestal Washbasin

Sensor Washbasin

Floor Mounted Commode

Wall Mounted Commode,

Flush Tank,

Concealed Flush Tank,

Flush Valve

Wall Mixer


Body Jet Diverter

Shower Bath Tub

Urinal, Sensor Urinal

Overhead Shower

Hand Shower

All Sensor Taps

All Taps

If you are looking for All Type of Plumbing Works, need repair, we have the tools, skills, and experience to accurately diagnose and resolve even the most frustrating and complex issues in a timely manner.


involves more than just pipes and water for one should also consider fire protection and heating too. When looking for a plumbing service, you will be indebted to get the best that won’t require after a week repair since they were done wrongly. Getting quality workmanship that is 100 percent safe is quite difficult especially if you are putting trust on people blindly. General plumbing services provided are;

  1. Some ball valves might have broken and replacement is deemed necessary in solving flooding issues.
  2. Broken showers can be revived easily
  3. Toilets, (Envisage an issue with your toilet principally considering that most live in self -contained houses and bedsitters where the toilet and bathrooms are inside the house).
  4. Sink pipe works. You would be shocked by how much a broken sink would cost you if it isn’t was not repaired in time.

We are among the best and assured companies offering plumbing services in Nairobi Kenya.

We specializes in repairs, water supply, contract plumbing, renovation, unblocking and pipe maintenance. Get in touch with us