How to use the Device Care on my Samsung Smart TV


On this article you will learn how to use the Device Care on my Samsung TV.If you’re having trouble together with your TV, you’ll think it’s better to reset and begin over. Although it might be one among the solutions to its problem, it’s going to not be necessary. Your TV also has several built-in self-diagnostics to assist you troubleshoot problems together with your video, picture, sound, and lots of other things.

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Optimize your TV with Device Care

Device Care is TV diagnostic software supported TV data and shows the present TV’s Operation Status at a look. Once you enter the beginning Device Care menu, The Device Care diagnoses you’re TV and shows the list of the problems and standing your TV currently has. TV Operation Status is notified in 2 states and is split into good and moderate. You’ll access the Device Care in Customer Support Menu. You’ll also check and clean your space for storing, diagnose problems yourself or request technical support. When the TV diagnosis completes, it clears the cached memory, frees it and closes unused background apps to release memory. Please follow the guide below on the way to run Device Care scan on Samsung TV.

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① Start Device Care

Start Device Care runs scans on the TV to optimize and diagnose TV conditions, like blurry screen issue, or insufficient space for storing. Enter the beginning Device Care button on the center of screen, then the built-in utility program will check all the status of the TV. If there’s a problem, it’ll be listed and shown to you. Follow the steps below for a way to scan your TV with Device Care.

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Step 1. Press the house button on your TV remote, then select Settings.


Step 2. On Settings menu, navigate Support then select Device Care.

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Step 3. Select the beginning Device Care on the center of the screen, then the scan are going to be started.

② Manage Storage

Manage Storage in Device Care menu allows you to see and organize the info currently getting used on TV. If you would like to delete an installed app, select the Delete button at the highest right to delete the chosen app. additionally, if you click the view detail button of every app, you’ll check the detailed information like the entire capacity of the app, stored data, and data cache.

•             Delete: Select the installed app you would like to delete and click on the Delete button.

•             View Details: Check the present data and cache usage of the app, and clear the info and cache.

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