Different Types of Office Chairs and their Ergonomics Explained

on this article you will get to know Different Types of Office Chairs and their Ergonomics Explained

Different Types of Office Chairs and their Ergonomics Explained

Office chairs are something that we all deem granted. They’re always there and that we only notice them when they’re broken. But, actually, they play a crucial role in our lives. Not only do they affect our productivity, they directly impact our health also. Today, there are endless sorts of office chairs to adapt to the varied needs of various occupations and workplaces. During this post we’ll explore the foremost common types, plus how they fare within the ergonomics department.

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Before we head on to our list though, here’s a fun fact. Did you know that the primary record of a chair being adapted for office purposes dates back to 1849? Actually, the innovator is none aside from Darwin himself. Darwin wanted to succeed in his specimens more quickly, so added wheels on the feet of his wooden armchair – a bizarre but absolutely brilliant concept many of us consider the primary office chair.

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   Ergonomic Chairs – Help Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders from Sitting

   Drafting Chairs – Compliments tall or standing desks

  Executive Office Chairs – Opulent executive style chairs

  Leather Office Chairs – made from faux, PU, or real leather

  Mesh Office Chairs – made from mesh for superior breathability

  Balance Ball Chairs – Short term chair for engaging your core

  Kneeling Chairs – Short term chair for back pain

  Saddle Chairs – Short term chair for posture and core strengthening

   Active Sitting Chairs – Help promote movements as you sit

   Sit Stand Chairs – Supports your body once you sit or stand

   Big and Tall Chairs – Caters to big users with large dimensions and height

   Petite and little Chairs Caters to small users

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