Best Professional Office Chair Repair Services In Nairobi Kenya

Repair of office chairs & Seats In Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking  for the best cost on office chair  repair services near you? Look no further as Nextgen Solutions will help you with affordable professional office chair repair services in Nairobi Kenya. We use original  office chair repair parts  on all our services. You might be wondering “do you have professional office seat and furniture repair services near me?” and the answer is yes we do. We will connect you with a nearby expert or send you one from our Nairobi office. We are the best when it comes to chair repair in Kenya.  Call us today on 0718 610 593 and you will be assisted.

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Just because your office chairs or commercial seat has broken.That does not necessarily mean throwing them away. And replacing with new ones.So at Nextgen Solutions we are the best when it comes to repair of office chairs and furniture repair in nairobi city in. We can repair or reupholster any type of office chair and commercial seat.And renovate your worn-out looking office chairs back to good Condition at a very affordable cost.

office chair repairs services in nairobi kenya

Office chairs  Repair prices in Kenya Compared to Buying new one

One of the benefits of having your office seat repaired is cutting cost.Because it can give savings of up to 65% of furniture replacement costs. And even more if your chairs just require new components.And at the same time giving you a relief against your maintenance budget.

Therefore the cost of repairing your offices seat will be much less than the cost of buying a new office seat.

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 Best Office Chair Repair Services Providers in Nairobi, Kenya

We have expert professionals that you can depend on. And they are all well-trained and certified.So We repair office chairs with originals spare parts.Because  we want to protect your investment. So  whether you just have one or a few office chairs that need repaired or require whole site/multi-office audits we can be able to handle it.

Professional upholstery services in Kenya

With our wide experience and knowledge of office chair. We can reupholster and repair all types of office chairs.And also re-upholster any type of chair.This  include fixed seat, reception seat, lecture hall seat, public area seat and breakout chairs. Because we want to maintain your quality we use the fabric of your choice.

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Below are some services we offer.

upholstery services

We do upholstery services of any office chair and turn them from old looking to brand new.

upholstery services in kenya


Gas Lift Piston Shock Office Chair Repair.

If you seat is sinking and it can’t raise up.Don’t worry as we do Gas lift Replacement on any office chair

  • office chair repair services gas-lift

Office Chair Arm Pad Replacement.

  • office chair broken arm replacement

Broken Office Chair Lever.


Office Chair Caster Replacement


  • office chair caster replacement

see how to repair castor wheel 

Other Chair Repair Services

  • Office Chair Gas Cylinder Repair.
  • Wobbly Office Chair Repair.
  • Seat Cushion for Office Chair Replacement.
  • Office Chair Seat Keeps Going Down Repair.
  • Missing Chair Parts Replacement.
  • Office Chair Maintenance.
  • Seat Cushion for Office Chair Replacement.
  • Office Chair Wheels Replacement.
  •  Chair Back Repair.
  •  Chair Tilt Feature.
  • Office Chair Bolt Replacement.

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cost of repairing office chair in Kenya

When it comes to repairing the office chair it is usually cheap when compared to buying a new seat.Like for example if you seat is torn out and need to upholstery services it may cost you Ksh 2,000 or if it  need gas lift replaced it may cost Ksh 2100. This you can not compare with buying a new seat. For more on the cost of your office chair repair send as the pic of your chair on our whats-app 0737678617 or if they are many call us so we can send our technician to do the encasement so we can give you a quotation from there.


We can carry out whole office audits. And from which we give you a detailed breakdown of the spare-parts needed. And the cost of fixing any issues.

We also provide a contract service. Which involves regular site audits depending on the agreed intervals. Any repairs required can be carried out automatically. With little disruption to your staff or business. This make sure there is smooth flow in your place of work. And ensures all employees will have a chair suitable for their working requirements. And avoid time spent using unsuitable chairs.

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 Professional office chair repair near me

You could be wondering  “Can I get office chair repair services near me? The answer is yes as  we offer repair of office chair and furniture repair in all parts of Nairobi city and its environs. We work with small companies. And also with big ones that have a need to repair their office chairs. We do an Onsite repair of office seat in most cases.Whether you need leather seats repair in Nairobi or high back executive office chairs repair services we will get it done.For the best office chair repair services in Nairobi Kenya Contact us on 0718 610 593 or Email us on for a free evaluation.

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