Best Professional Sofa Set Seat repair & refurbishment in Nairobi Kenya

Best Sofa Set repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking for Sofa Set Seat repair  and refurbishment in Nairobi,Kenya? Look no further as Nextgen Furniture Solution we offer affordable professional sofa set repair services.We have been in the sofa set repairs business  for over 15 years. Our key goal is to offer a friendly, professional sofa and furniture repair services in Nairobi Kenya. Contact us today on 0718 610 593 and we will connect you with our Fudi who will come do the assessment and repair your sofa on your place. As you don’t need to carry it to our workshop.

Our services include

complete in home restoration services, repairing damaged or discolored furniture, sofas and chairs.So  don’t waste time and money replacing your damaged furniture, contact Nextgen Furniture Repairs to urge a settee repair for a fraction of the value.

Nextgen Sofa Repair and Refurbishment Service Provider

We provide a nationwide furniture repair service having the ability to call out on you anywhere within the Kenya to repair all kinds of furniture, specializing in Upholstery Repairs. From sofas / recliners to beds and wardrobes etc. We begin to your home and repair on site/in-home (fully Insured) and even have workshops for bigger jobs that require removing for repair. Our team all have a many years of experience within the trade with most technicians alone with over 15 years, we only give the very best standard of labor administered and to supply you with further reassurance.

We are rated  the best when it comes to sofa upholstery in Kenya.This is because when repairing your sofa set we give you vast collection of brands and designs to choose from for your couches, chairs and cushions.

sofa set repair upholstery kenya

Professional Sofa repair and refurbishment in Nairobi Kenya

We can repair almost any piece of furniture. We’ve services any members of the general public, businesses and company clients. Regardless of the scenario we will help.

Most issues like sagging seats are often repaired by our furniture experts on site or in your home.But the Large and sophisticated sofa repair jobs are often uplifted to our dedicated workshop if need be.

We resolve issues such as:

  • Pet Damage
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Stains on seats
  • Springs issue
  • Recliner not working
  • Seats gone flat
  • Leather sofa repairs
  • Many more issues, get in touch!

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sofa refurbishment nairobi

Need to replace the froth in your seats or cushions? Nextgen Solutions supply a good sort of foam cushions of all shapes and sizes for your sofa or chair.So our foam cushions are move size to your specified dimensions.

When ordering foam cushions we will provide you with the right foam for your needs. We will offer booster pads also for your cushions.

A professional service upholsterer are going to be sent out together with your new foam cushions to suit them for you also. You do not have to do any of the work.Because we roll in the hay for you.

Leather Seats Repair in Nairobi

Are you looking for Leather Sofa Seats Repair Services in Nairobi,Kenya? Look no further as We offer affordable Leather seats Repair Services near you.

leather seats repair in nairobi


  • All of our work is fully guaranteed and administered to the very best of standards.
  • We aim to resolve most repairs on our first visit.
  • All of our appointments are going to be booked in within 48 hours of receiving the work details from you.
  • We aim to possess one among our technicians to your home within a working week, contingent location.
  • We can offer a price effective solution to your problem, saving you time and money.

Where to buy sofa fabric in Nairobi,Kenya

You could be wondering where can you buy the sofa fabric in Nairobi,Kenya.House of Linen offers you a complete range of quality Premium fabrics at the best possible prices. You can check out their product here 

Sofa Set refurbishment in Nairobi Kenya

sofa set repair in Nairobi Kenya

Call us today for the simplest professional Sofa Set Seat repair  service in Nairobi Kenya on                 0718 610 593    or email us on

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