The laptop batteries

The laptop batteries

There are varieties of batteries and the maintenance of each determines how efficient and effective it will act. Seemingly unknown there are three battery types enclosed in the current laptops. Each is characterized differently according to its generating charge chemistry.

The battery capacity

Battery capacity often can be measured in Watt hours / kg and in power delivery depending on the weight of the battery, useful cycle and self-discharge rate. Battery discharge is affected by temperature, the higher the temperature the faster the discharge rate. Therefore, maintaining them at room temperature conquers it better.

  1. Nickel Cadmium (NiCad’s)

 After a test investigation it was discovered that these batteries has a great life cycle that stretch up to 1500 times meaning they went draining and recharging back and forth 1500 times before they reached exhaustion. Due to the battery chemistry, Nickel cadmium suffers memory effect which is a chemical reaction that occurs if a recharge is conducted before the previous charge was depleted. The reaction brings about crystal formation that in turn inhibits full battery charge. A laptop computer alarms you once a battery reaches a low charge where by you are advised to plug in a charger, for upon full depletion, the battery is in bound to incur some major damages or even worse batteries demise. Regrettably when a NiCad battery is not exercised through its recharge and discharge cycles, their life span would sink to a third of the formal time which is 500 times.

  1. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Some few past years Nickel metal hydride would have been considered a nickel Cadmium substitutes due to the fact that this battery’s chemistry offers mega power to the battery weight. Woefully, this battery offers a constricted shelf life and unless it is under good maintenance its demise is inevitable. It acts slower compared to Nickel Cadmium with only 500 times cycle that decreases depending on how less you exercises it. Unlike NiCad, this battery should be recharged when it is partially drained.

  1. Lithium ion

This battery holds up an energy density of up to 150 W/KG. Unlike NiCad this battery encloses no memory effect. Lithium ion batteries could maintain an extremely long shelf life however it cannot last past two years of storage. Unfortunately, no gadget or device is exempted from cons.

If a tally was conducted to elect the most favorable laptop battery Lithium ion would emerge best among them. However a user’s choices and preferences still win best.

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