Laptop for sale in Nairobi Kenya 2024

Affordable Laptop for Sale in Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking for affordable laptop for sale in Nairobi, Kenya? Look no further as Nextgen Solutions we are the best seller of all brands of laptop. From HP Laptop,Lenovo, Dello Laptop,Acer,Mac book etc. When it comes to brand new Laptop for sale in Nairobi, Kenya. If you are looking for:, Used laptop laptops for sale in Kenya, hp laptop for sale in Nairobi, Kenya. Contact us on 0729150253 or o706731791 and let us know the specification of the laptop you need and your budget. If you are looking for laptop under 10k in Kenya, laptops under 20k in Kenya  you are in the right place .We will get you the laptop within your budget. We will ensure you get  something good within your budget.

Laptop under 20k for sale in Nairobi, Kenya

You could be wondering can I get Laptops under 20k for sale in Nairobi, Kenya. Worry no more as you are in the right place. We have Laptops that are below 2ok for sale in our stock. Below are few sample of the laptop under 2o,000 Ksh.

HP  3125 Mini laptop AMD E2 HD Graphics 1.75 GHZ  Ram  4GB  Hard disk 320Gb @ Ksh  15,500

HP 3125 Mini laptop

Lenovo x220 core i5  Ram 4gb hdd 320gb touchscreen @ Ksh 18,500

Lenovo x220 core i5  Ram 4gb hdd 320gb touchscreen @ Ksh 18,500 
Lenovo x220 core i5  Ram 4gb hdd 320gb touchscreen @cd Ksh 18,500

Second hand laptops for sale in Kenya

Are you looking for refurbished/ second hand laptops for sale in Nairobi, Kenya? Look no further as at Nextgen Solutions Shop we have new and second hand laptops for sale that best suite your budget. The refurbished laptop are in their best condition and will serve you as a new one and thus help you save some cash.

Laptop Prices in Nairobi, Kenya

The Price of the laptop is determined by the specification of the machine. The higher the specification the higher the brand. The specification is the one that determine the performance of the Laptop. The main features that one look at are Processor, Ram, Storage, Battery life, Screen size, Generation of the machine. Thus depending on which purpose you want to do will determine the specs you will concentrate on. If you are not sure which laptop to buy you can reach out to one of our experts who will guide you on the best laptop that will fit your need.


Hp EliteBook 1030 x360 touch 8/256
HP EliteBook 1040 G6 -x360 Intel Core i7 8th Gen 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 14″ Full HD Display Backlit Keyboard Ksh. 80,000/-

Sample of Laptops Prices in Nairobi, Kenya at NextGen Ideas Shop

Latest Laptops Laptops Prices
1 HP EliteBook 1040 G6 -x360
Intel Core i7 8th Gen
14″ Full HD Display
Backlit Keyboard
Ksh. 80,000/-
KS 85,000
2 HP EliteBook 1020 G1
Intel Core m5
8 GB RAM 512 SSD
KSh 51,999
3 HP EliteBook 1030 G2 x360
Intel Core i7 7th Gen x
8 GB RAM 512 SSD
Backlit Keyboard
Full HD Touchscreen
KSh 70,399
4 HP EliteBook 1030 G2 x360
Intel Core i5 7th Gen
Full HD Touchscreen
Backlit Keyboard
KSh 59 ,999
5 HP EliteBook 840 G2
Intel Core i5
14″ Display
KSh 32,000
6 HP EliteBook Folio 9480m
Intel Core i7
Backlit Keyboard
14″ Display
KSh 38,999
7 HP EliteBook 430 G2
Intel Core i3 5th Gen
13″ Display
KS 28,000
8 Lenovo Thinkpad x240
Intel Core i5 4th gen
9 Dell Latitude e7270
Intel Core i5 6th Gen
KSh 33,290
10 HP EliteBook 840 G5
Intel Core i7 7th Gen
Backlit Keyboard
14″ Display
KSh 68,000

Factors to contemplate Before buying Laptop In Nairobi, Kenya

So, what area unit the aspects and factors that potential portable computer consumers ought to take into account before buying the correct laptop? Here area unit some suggestions.

Choosing the correct show Size once shopping for a portable computer on-line

Modern laptops by IT giants like Asus, genus Acer and power unit equipped with show screens starting from the lower 11- or 12-inches to larger displays spanning seventeen to eighteen inches. Laptops with higher show sizes tend to be bulkier and supply low screen resolution and overall quality. If you intend to travel along with your portable computer, pick a portable computer with show size starting from 11- or 12-inch to a most of fourteen inches.

Laptops with higher screen quality (even with smaller screen sizes) area unit suggested, notably if you intend to use the portable computer each day.

Selecting between  Intel Core i3 or i5  Laptop for Sale In Nairobi, Kenya

Most of the newest laptops area unit equipped with the Intel Core i3 or i5 processors, whereas some others use the Intel Core i7 processor. So the value will vary an excellent deal counting on the sort of processor that it uses. So the Core i7 processor is best than the i5, is best than the i3. Thus  it better to pay additional for a portable computer with higher process power?

The answer would be a NO unless you intend to use your portable computer for high-end applications like high-resolution vice and three-D modelling. Because different common applications like internet browsing and desktop applications will perform equally well on a Core i3 processor. So to boot, the performance of your portable computer doesn’t rely utterly on its processor. for example, the Apple MacBook Air portable computer has quick process speed despite employing a dual-core processor.

Opting For sensible Battery Life in your Laptop

Sometimes in our zeal for obtaining low worth laptops. But we tend to fail to require into consideration the battery lifetime of the portable computer. Because, if you intend to use your portable computer whereas on the move, battery life is crucial. Thus it’s best to travel for a portable computer that may supply higher battery life. Thus a portable computer batteries with a minimum of half dozen hours of operation time area unit suggested. Though eight (or additional hours) area unit ideal for a range of uses.

Be cautious of salespeople creating false claims regarding battery life in portable computer models. As most portable computer makers don’t mention the particular battery life specifications of their product. The portable computer worth in Kenya is typically inflated supported these tall claims. it’s best to try and do on-line analysis on laptops with the simplest battery life before finalizing on identical. Most students would like windows over macintosh just because of the value distinction. Because of  a hollow or a power unit portable computer may be an improved alternative if you wish sensible specifications at an occasional worth

Considering The Laptop price and type

The Laptop market in Kenya is flooded with laptops that area unit offered within the range of  15,000/- to 20,000/-, or maybe 10,000/-. whereas your budget will play a significant half in crucial the laptop of your price range. It is always advisable to go with the one with better features. And performance, although available at a higher price range.

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Price of Laptop for sale in Nairobi, Kenya per the intended use

Laptops with costs up to KSh 20,000/- Most laptops of this worth vary ought to be adequate for undergrad students, notably in finishing their daily assignments. And project analysis work. So different specifications like associate degree Intel Core i3 processor, 14-inch monitor, and 2GB RAM is enough for educational tasks. So  together with assignment writing, getting ready shows, and taking note of music.

Laptop costs starting from Ksh 25,000/- to   Ksh 50,000/- Laptops of this worth vary area unit ideal for office-related work. And  also for family use like looking movies or video conferencing. These laptops accompany options like a bigger 15-inch monitor and Intel Core i5 processor. You’ll be able to save cash by choosing a lower processor power (if available).That is if you intend to use the Laptop just for internet water sport, official procedure, or movies.

Laptops with costs on top of  50,000/- Laptops within worth vary area unit solely suggested for people WHO use laptops for high-resolution vice. Because Laptops of this worth vary accompany options like light-weight, long battery life. And also sensible build, that is crucial for rough use or constant travel. So different options for vice laptops will embrace high-resolution show screens, advanced graphics, and quicker processors.

Easy to detach and convert, 2-in-1 portable computers became progressively well-liked thanks to their twin use as a laptop or as a pill. So additionally to the normal clamshell mode, 2-in-1 laptops accompany modes like utterly clastic mode or versatile mode that permit the screen to be bend backwards, Laptops from power unit x360 series area unit an ideal example of such a model.

While the planning side of 2-in-1 laptops is spectacular makes them one among the simplest laptops out there, it’s better to see the opposite specifications of the device (such as battery life, screen resolution, and processor) before buying to gauged if they justify the quoted worth. If you’re not getting to use your portable computer as a pill, it’s best for a standard clamshell portable computer that gives higher price for your cash.

Buying a Laptop with the correct Keyboard And Touchpad In Nairobi,Kenya

Among the foremost neglected factors in buying the Laptop, make sure that your keyboard and bitpad area unit simple to control and area unit comfy to your touch. the nice quality of your keyboard is crucial notably if you intend to try and do many writing. guarantee if your writing is comfy which the keys feel compact and sturdy. Even whereas shopping for a mini portable computer, bit sensitivity and keyboard is one among the most things to seem for. this can be as a result of the smaller scale of the complete element could build writing uncomfortable

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