The comparison between PCIe SSD and SATA

The comparison between PCIe SSD and SATA

It is common knowledge that hard drive disks are faster compared to Solid state drives. A spinning archaic platter moves with robotic look -alike arms around to write and read data. Remember how long it would take to read and activate a music “caset”? Well this is the case with the hard drive disk. This is incomparable to the contemporary digitalized drive.

A solid state drive can have a connection to a PC via PCIe (which is a newer interface) and a SATA (an older interface). As a gamer it is extremely crucial to note what differentiates the other and what would be your motherboards vital pick among the storage devices.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment also known as SATA. This interface has remained common since 2003. With time another one was introduced in 2009 as SATA 3. With the support of SATA to the IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) that uses the AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) that was made for hosting hard drive disk spinning movements in part of the SSD.

In theory, writes and read maximum transfer rates at 6Gbps also known as 600Mbs however due to constraint encoding, a higher speed is a requirement thus being approximately 4.8 GB.

Express lane

The newest among the tech is the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) flows through Intel the use of architecture point to point. The connection conducted by the interface can be broken down to sound drives, hard drives and graphic cards components. As generations count and recur, a 3.0 SSD interface version is supported however with slow transfer rates that nearly reach 2000Mbps that is increased 2 to 3 the older SATA times.

In separate slots comes the PCIe interface including x16, x8 and x4. This controls the bandwidth attained by the device meaning 8Gbps is offered by 2.0 by 16 while 16 GB is offered by 3.0 by 16 as dictated by the Enterprise Storage Forum. The AHCI is replaced by NVMe also known as the Non – Volatile Memory Express thus making it flow as the most capable and great of the greatest that will reach throughput and transfer high rates.

It is extremely pricey and does not support the connection of Non- Volatile Memory Express new specifications to any old motherboards. In a few and less detailed words, the new PCIe is preferable in comparison to SATA any time. Which PCIe to use is all a question to the user that is answered according to the preference and needs.


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