Kuroiler Chicken Breed Housing and Equipment.

Kuroiler Chicken Breed Housing and Equipment.

On this article you will learn Kuroiler Chicken Breed Housing and Equipment. Every Kuroiler chicken breed farmer has to ensure that his birds are kept in a well sheltered area free from adverse weather conditions,predators as well as pests and diseases.


Requirements for a proper housing shelter of Kuroiler birds.

  • Comfortable-The farmer should ensure that the housing unit provides a cordial environment for the birds.It should protect them from windy days,rainy days or very sunny days.
  • Space-The space design should be able to accommodate the required number of birds for instance a maximum of 3 birds will be accommodated in an area of two square feet.
  • Ventilation-This is key during the design and construction of the housing units.Proper ventilation facilitates proper flow of air in the room thus protects the birds from airborne diseases.
  • Shape-The proper design of any Kuroiler housing unit should not exceed a height of 3 feet and should be rectangular in shape.
  • Walls-The materials used in wall construction depends on the type of housing unit constructed.For instance iron sheets are not very suitable for brooding houses because of the frequent changes in temperature.
  • Roof-The roofing material should be able to reflect away the light and heat.Other materials such as grass,papyrus,heavy duty polythene could be used to keep rainfall from entering the housing unit and keep the unit dry.
  • Floor-The floor should be made out of concrete.
  • Clearance of any type of vegetation within a 3-5metrees radius to keep away pests,parasites and rodents.


Types of housing units for Kuroiler bird keepers.

  1. Brooding house-This is where the chicks are bred from 1 day old upto 2 months old.It should be constructed in a way that it allows adequate lighting to pass through it.The materials should be able to retain enough heat to keep the chicks warm.The corners should be made of a smooth-curved iron sheet to prevent the chicks from accumulating in one area which can lead to suffocation.
  2. Growing house-The walls of the growing houses should be slightly lower as compared to the walls of the brooding houses.They should also be constructed a few metres away from each other to prevent cross-contamination.
  3. Storehouse-This is where all the items contained in the book inventory are kept such as Kuroiler feeds,the products from the birds.With a proper structure and organisation,materials can be easily retrieved.
  4. Slaughter house is where the farmer slaughters the Kuroiler birds before taking them to the market.
  5. Office units-Most farmers do not have these units as they keep their inventory in their homes.



Experts advise poultry farmers to construct the bird’s housing units while facing the east-west side so that they could receive proper lighting.

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