Advantages and Disadvantages of rearing Kuroiler Breed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of rearing Kuroiler Breed.

On this article you will learn Advantages and Disadvantages of rearing Kuroiler Breed.

Advantages of keeping a Kuroiler breed.

Poultry experts have ranked the Kuroiler breed as one of the best chickens.Therefore,a lot of poultry farmers are encouraged to breed Kuroiler breed because of its advantages.They are:


  1. They grow at a very fast rate and within five months they start laying eggs.They continuously lay eggs for a period of 2 years.
  2. Farmers have reported that eggs laid by Kurioler are highly nutritious because of their yellow yolk.Their meat is also of high quality and very tasty.
  3. Their eggs have been reported to be more nutritious because of their feeding pattern.Unlike other breeds that are fed on commercial breeds,Kuroilers feed on vegetable remains and other healthy waste products that add more nutrients to their bodies.
  4. This breed can be reared in all areas i.e whether arid or semi-arid or a fertile area.This makes it easy for all poultry farmers to breed them.
  5. Since they produce high quality products,farmers who rear them are guaranteed high profit returns.


Disadvantages of rearing Kuroilers.

The only and main disadvantage of this breed is that they do not incubate naturally.Therefore the poultry farmer is forced to incur some extra expenses of buying and maintaining an incubator


Fertilised Kuroiler eggs.

Experts normally advise Kuroiler farmers to consume the eggs laid during the first two months and start incubating them from the 7th month.Before placing the eggs into the incubator,farmers use a candling machine to see the embryo of the egg.The fertilised eggs usually take 21 days to fully hatch into chicks.


Kuroiler Feeding Programme.

Experts describe Kuroilers as scavengers which means that they can find food for themselves and not depend on commercial feeds.However,they also advise Kuroiler farmers to feed them on commercial feeds as they might lack some of the necessary nutrients.


Below is a table that shows the feeding program of Kuroilers at different stages.


1 Day Old Chick-4 weeks old chick Starters feed.
4-8 weeks old chick Kuroiler Chicken Growers Mash.
9 weeks onwards(laying period) Layers Mash.


They are also advised to add supplements such as greens and kitchen grocery waste.Large scale poultry farmers can haveĀ  automatic feeders and drinkers.They could also choose to place drinkers and feeders at strategic points.



If a farmer follows all these protocols,he is assured of getting a lot of profit from the sale of the Kuroiler products.

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