How to start and run a Kuroiler chicken rearing business.

How to start and run a Kuroiler chicken rearing business.

On this article you will get to know How to start and run a Kuroiler chicken rearing business. The first step to starting a business is having an idea and a plan.The idea is what generates the business plan.Therefore we can say that having a business plan is a crucial factor in the rearing of Kuroiler chicken.As an entrepreneur in this field of poultry farming, one must know the following.

1.Buying the birds.

The Kuroiler chicken breed can be purchased at different stages.The price of of the chicken increase with the age as they are normally vaccinated at every stage.For instance one could decide to purchase a one day old chick progressively to a 4 weeks old chick where they could rear it till maturity.


2.Housing units.

This involves the designing and construction of various housing units.We have variou housing units such as the brooding unit,growing house unit etc.

Each unit has its own specific design that makes it suitable for the bird at that stage.For instance the roofing material used in brooding houses should not be one that retains a lot of heat in the house rather it should reflect the light and heat.


3.Feeding guide for the chickens.

Kuroiler chicken breed is known to look for its own food.However,the farmers are encouraged to feed them on commercial feeds so as to increase their nutrients intake.For example,1 day old chick are fed on chick mash as they grow they progress to growers mash which helps them to grow.Finally when they get to a stage where they are able to lay eggs,they are fed on layers mash.


4.Brooding process.

Unlike other indigenous breeds,Kuroilers do not brood naturally on their eggs.Therefore the farmer is obliged to buy artificial incubators to assist in hatching the eggs.


5.Vaccination guide of the chickens.

As the Kuroiler birds grow,they tend to get exposed to viral,fungal or bacterial diseases.That is why the farmer is advised to vaccinate his birds as scheduled to prevent them from being attacked or from spreading the diseases.


6.Marketing of the Kuroiler products.

This is the final step of the business.After successfully taking care of the Kuroiler chicken,it is now time to sell the products to the consumers.The Kuroiler FFG is best known for producing quality meat while the Kuroiler NFG is best known for laying quality eggs.

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