On this artilce you wil get to know KUROILER DISEASES AND VACCINATION GUIDE. The biggest drawback of any poultry farmer is having his birds be attacked by diseases.Therefore they are advised that before engaging in rearing kuroiler birds,they should administer vaccines at various stages to avoid such losses.


Methods of administering vaccines to kuroiler chicken.

Below are some rules that Kuroiler bird keepers should adhere to while administering vaccines to their birds.

  • The vaccines should be kept in a flask or an ICE plastic bag.
  • Regular deworming of Kuroilers in every month after the first vaccination
  • Vaccines prepared to be administered to the birds should not be kept for more than 2 hours.
  • No other drug should be administered on the day of the vaccination.
  • The vaccines should be administered on time and as per schedule.
  • The farmer should  give the Kuroiler birds multivitamins each time they administer the vaccine.
  • The multi vitamins should be mixed with the water and given to the birds before and after vaccination.


There are 4 main categories of diseases in the Kuroiler breed.

  1. Diseases affecting the behaviour of birds.The farmer should ensure that his birds feed on all nutrients to prevent them turning into cannibals.Another way they can control it is by debeaking.
  2. Kuroiler birds are known as scavengers which means that they look for their own food.Therefore they may sometimes lack the proper nutrients which leads to cases such as having weak bones and a reduction in the laying of eggs.
  3. Infectious diseases are the most common type of diseases in birds as they are spread through bacteria,fungal or virus.
  4. Diseases spread by parasites are spread when a healthy bird comes into contact with an infected bird. 


Below is a table that shows the type of vaccines administered to the kuroiler birds and at what age.


1 Year Old Chick Marek’s disease Vaccine -Injection on the middle layer of the skin

-Injection on neck

3 Day Old Chick New Castle 1B Mouth drops
1 Week Old Chick New Castle Plain Mouth and eye drops
10 Days Old Marek’s booster Dose -Injection on the hypodermis/subcutaneous layer.

-Neck Injection

2 Weeks Old Gumboro disease -Eye drops

-Mouth drops

3 Weeks Old -New Castle 1B

-Infectious Bronchitis

-Mouth drops and eye drops
4 Weeks Old Gumboro disease Mouth and eye drops
5 Weeks Old New Castle 1B Mouth and eye drops
6-7 Weeks Old Fowl Pox Wing web injection
8-10 Weeks Old Fowl Typhoid Breast Muscle Injection
3-3.5 Months Old Building them nests where they can lay their eggs
3-4 Months Old Deworming
4-4.5 Months Old Typhoid
Laying of eggs period New Castle 1B Mouth and eye drops every 2 months

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