Kuroiler Chicken Breed and its Characteristics.

Kuroiler Chicken Breed and its Characteristics.


On this article you will get to learn Kuroiler Chicken Breed and its Characteristics. For those not aware,the Kuroiler chicken breed was introduced by Vinod Kapur.It is a cross breed of male cockerel such as the broiler males/White Leghorn males and the Rhode Island Red female chicken.

The breed comes in variety of colours and weight 3.5kg for the male breed and 2.5kg for the female breed.It lays between 140-150 eggs in a year.It is a common breed kept by poultry farmers for its eggs and meat.It has a single comb and usually lays large light brown eggs.This breed can be reared in all types of weather conditions and areas thus favourable to poultry farmers all over the country.

It was first introduced to Uganda before spreading to Kenya.This breed of chicken is considered one of the best kienyeji chicken because of its characteristics.


Characteristics of Kuroiler Chicken Breed.


  1. This breed can be reared for both its meat and eggs.
  2. Kuroiler chicken has white and grey spots on its body which makes it easy to camouflage.
  3. As earlier stated,the male kuroiler breed weighs approximately 3.5kg while the female breed weighs approximately 2.5kg.As for the native breed it weighs much less with approximately 2.5kg for the male and 1.2 kg for the female.
  4. The breed has a very high resistance to diseases because of interbreeding prolific breeds.
  5. Kuroiler can also survive in arid and semi-arid areas thus convenient for all types of poultry farmers.
  6. They also grow at a very fast rate and do not need to feed on feed.They can be fed with grocery leftovers.
  7. When well managed for instance proper feeding and vaccination,the breed can weigh a lot thus guaranteeing the farmer more profits.


The Kuroiler breed has also been reported to portray some behaviours that distinguish them from other kienyeji breeds such as the KARI Kienyeji breed.


Behavioural characteristics of Kuroiler Chicken Breed.

  1. Some of the Kuroiler breeds such as the Brahma are not suitable for naturally brooding because of their docileness.
  2. Also,some of the breeds of Kuroiler chicken do not require the farmer to fully invest their time and money on them.For instance Kuroilesare grows fat at a very high rate as compared to other Kuroiler breeds.
  3. The Kuroilersare also has a very high resistance to diseases thus saves the farmer money that would be used in vaccination.
  4. The Kuroilers start laying eggs as early as 5 months and as they progress the quality of the eggs become better.They lay eggs with a dark yellow yolk which is considered to contain a lot of nutrients.
  5. Unlike the KARI kienyeji breed,Kuroiler do not naturally brood.This means that artificial brooding methods have to be incorporated by the farmer.

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