Microsoft surface pro 7 verses Microsoft surface pro 8

Microsoft surface pro 7 verses Microsoft surface pro 8

Wouldn’t you want to know how different the two Microsoft surface pro 7 verses Microsoft surface pro 8? I mean apart from hosting a 120Hz display screen and 4 TB how developed is Pro 8 in contrast to pro 7. After previous and continuation sequential update through the years, Microsoft glaringly brings up to code its detachable 2 parts enclosed in 1 tab powerful in component and with a fancy design.

With a full and huge display screen, a surface slim pen is a developed improvement among others. However, if you are premium thirsty, picking up or purchasing surface pro 8 would be a contradicting decision. On a lock and key you could purchase the two sibs namely surface pro 7 and surface pro 7 plus. These two pros are best in computing compared to pro 8.

Keyboard covers and screen differences

The most seen difference between the named surface pros is that surface pro 7 physical design is incomparable to that of surface pro 8. Just like a company’s latest tend to be a more improved and essentially developed, Pro 8 is a mechanically improved surface pro X with a slim and sleek 13 inch display screen enclosed and weighing similarly to surface pro 7 that encases a 12.3 display inched screen. They might closely weigh however surface pro 7 still wins in being lighter and thinner among all the pros

CPU options

Surface 8 pioneered in enclosing Intel Evo certification a superb program invested in assistance of power identification of windows and the length of battery duration. This opt “Tiger Lake” a CPU Intel core of 11th gen. Microsoft surface pro 8 is optioned to pair up an Intel core of i7 with a SSD of 1TB and 32GB of RAM. Those specifications enable the emergence if surface pro 8 as an extensively powerful window based tablet in all known times.

Pro 7 is a 10th generation processor with Intel core i3, i5 and i7 “Ice Lake”. Investigations have proven surface pro 7 to be extremely great at fulfilling the basic computing task.

Screen virtual

Surface pro 8 has formidable screen refreshment that is twice that of surface pro 7. For refinements and silkier visuals, high screen refresh has been composed and implemented most especially in gaming tablet models. Drawing gratification and camera quality in surface pro 8 is extensive compared to surface pro 7.  This makes pro 8 more preferable during Skype or video conferences.


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