Even though this monitor is of great value and it’s portable, it still is disadvantaged in the color and rightness department. KYY K3-3 is a prof that portable monitors can surf in these contemporary times.


  1. This monitor turns out to be inexpensive
  2. The build is of excellent quality
  3. Holds a 4K resolution


  1. This monitor hosts a weak display brightness
  2. Poor audios and speakers
  3. How tedious the cover is with no kickstand is a con

This monitors portability is categorized in a few compelling options that range in budget entries such as Lepow C2 that goes for approximately Ksh 20,000 and Zion Pro that turns out impressive for approximately Ksh 61,000 for a 4K display screen that s 15.6 inches.  Although this monitor has a rather high price than typical 1080p monitors, its price is worth with the 4K resolution.

This monitor encloses a smart cover case, a composition of required cables and an in built speaker. KYY K3-3 offers stunning features however with a no kickstand and poor brightness as tradeoffs this monitor might seem low in quality but it is not.

While most may have a heated debate on its light and sleek design this monitors portability cannot be questioned. With a solidified design the monitor has a slim bezel top that lengthens twice to the sides and thickens more at the bottom. The bottom bezel placed logos tend to be offensive due to its big size to some however they don’t hold striking or attention drawing colors.

By the right are some ports hosting the insertion of 2 type C USB and mini HDMI. Transfers of files and power supply can be conducted by one USB C cable that will dive directly. The connection of HDMI as a path between the monitor and power supply is enabled efficiently.

While it withholds two speakers, one resides by the monitor’s right side and a headphone jerk to the left the second speaker and a button and also a scroll wheel that goes three ways. The monitor is made out of an aluminum alloy material that gives a firm and solid feel with no flex thus out passing its competitors and coming out outstandingly wonderful.

The cover case acts as a screen protector on travels and also as a stand during operations and use. Although most might find it only portable, this monitor is extremely stunning in performance, computing and gaming tasks.

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