How to disconnect a Processor From the Motherboard

How to disconnect a Processor From the Motherboard.

Unplugging a processor from a motherboard is not a very hard task; however, it’s a task that has to be finished care, therefore you are doing not injury or ruin a functioning processor. 1. Touch a metal object to ground yourself before you bit any portable computer parts therefore you are doing not injury them with a shock of electricity. Open the laptop case and set it aside. Place the open case throughout a location with adequate house and wise overhead lighting. 2. Loosen or exclude the processor fan or conductor that sits on prime of the processor. hunt for a metal lever you will be ready to flip to loosen an exponent or four anchor screws you will be ready to loosen to unleash the tight bond between the cooling device and so the processor. completely exclude the cooler and set it aside. 3. Flip the block to loosen the metal clamp that holds the processor in place. painstakingly raise the clamp far from the processor after you loosen it. 4. Use a pair of fingers to elevate the processor out of its socket. elevate the processor directly upward, and avoid moving it space whereas in its socket. Check out the Best laptop for sale in Nairobi Kenya Check out the best mobile phone repair services in Nairobi Kenya consult us for the best point of sale system in Nairobi Kenya ¬†iPhone repair services Nairobi Kenya check our mobile phone development in Nairobi Kenya Top best desktop for sale in Kenya