How to Decrease a Motherboard’s Temperature

How to Decrease a Motherboard’s Temperature

When your pc performs tasks, it sends information between varied parts, like the processor, memory, Winchester drive and video card. All of this information travels through your computer’s primary board, referred to as the motherboard, and excess motherboard heat will cause your pc to become unstable and fail in unpredictable ways in which. If a pc at your business is unstable and you have got eliminated alternative common causes like viruses, improve the computer’s flow of air to decrease the temperature of the motherboard.

1. Run the pc with the case open and check the fans to substantiate they’re operative commonly and aimed within the correct direction. A pc usually has a minimum of 2 fans: one within the front to draw cool air in, and another within the facility offer to force hot air out. If a lover not operates, replace it; this might need exchange the facility offer if its internal fan has stopped operating.

2. Clean all of the computer’s fans. settled dirt will increase air friction, reducing a fan’s speed and lowering its potency. don’t commit to clean the fan within the power offer, however, as this could be dangerous. If a major quantity of dirt has collected within the facility offer, replace it.

3. Move the pc to a non-carpeted surface if it’s a cooling fan on the undersurface. Carpets stop bottom-mounted fans from drawing in enough air to stay the motherboard cool.

4. Install further fans if the present ones area unit operative properly however area unit unable to cool down the motherboard sufficiently. Install associate equal variety of intake and exhaust fans for the most effective flow of air.

5. Replace the warmth sink on the computer’s northbridge chip with a lover. The northbridge facilitates communication between the computer’s quickest parts — the mainframe, memory and video card — and generates vital heat within the method. a lover will greatly cut back the temperature of this chip.

6. Replace the computer’s parts with additional economical ones. as an example, solid-state drives generate way less heat than typical onerous drives, that contain motors that operate at thousands of revolutions per minute.

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