Gaming keypads in 2022

Gaming keypads in 2022

Gaming keypads in 2022 Ever envisage having a less space taking keypad while gaming? A game keypad is designed in a constricted manner that encloses all keys that can get you to the highest of scores. For a quick navigation, Nextgen solutions have applied an investigation on your behalf and summed up the best choices in gamming pads.

  1. Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming

This is an analog optical keypad that hosts 32 key switches customized and programed for gaming. This pad is a sleek and premium contoured ergonomically in features and designs. It possesses a configuration that is plush, wrist adjustable and compact.

Through a pressure sensitive operation the optical switches work similarly to joysticks. The keypad encloses 32 keys that fully allow the control of games augmented by hypershift specs to offer two times the capabilities of the remapping needed. For cam settings, a singular thumb pad finger tactile scroll that rolls in 8 ways is in control.

This gamepad features over 16 million different colors that appear as the backlit of keys thus framing is comprehensive in today’s market.

  1. GameSir VX2 AimSwitch

GameSir is a portable keypad designed with compact and sleek frame. This keypad has multipurpose control keys that can change can angle and move during games such as racing.

The keypad features mechanical switches red in color that adds up to 36 TTC with life duration of millions of keystrokes. The pad holds an accuracy and speed like no other in competition.

GameSir features a quiet and fast red switch with extensive operational capabilities that are precise and top peak. Complex command execution cuts up time misuse due to the ability to remap. This keypad has an internal adapter that reduces the common cost of separate purchase.

  1. RedThunder One-Handed mechanical gaming keypad

RedThunder features 9 backlight in–built colors and 5 modes that can be adjustable to your liking at whatever time.

This keypad is designed with 35keys for good stability and performance. These keys are considered anti-ghost making it preferable for most if not all PC games.

  1. Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming keypad

The keypad hosts a stunning and matted hardware that will last a couple of lives from its durability and good quality features. This pad was perfectly made for the hand therefore it is contoured naturally to the shape of a human hand.

Mechanical 32 membrane keys are a pro for casual games and shooters are easy to apply. For full potential in control, Razer Tartarus V2 has a 8 side directional pad that add versatility.

Recommendations vary depending on the game options you have. However, efficiency can still apply in most of gaming keypads available.


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