Determining the remaining battery life

Determining the remaining battery life

When a netbook or laptop is in use, close supervision should be kept to maintain a good battery health status. A laptops battery is determined differently depending on the operating system.

Windows Operating System

  1. Windows 7, XP and Vista

In the three windows above, the battery percentage is checked by rolling your cursor to the icon (on the right side of the display screen) representing the battery and clicking to know how much it has. The check will also indicate whether the computer is charging or not.

  1. Windows 8

In a laptop using Windows 8 as an operating system, pressing the windows allows the key access of desktop environment be it in your tablet or laptop. Once on windows notification area of the desktop the battery icon stands on the right Conner of your screen at the bottom.

  1. Windows 10

How much percentage of battery left can be situated on an icon on the bottom right just like the previous windows however it also shows how much left of battery there is and how long to fully charge the laptop.

  1. Windows 11

Being the most developed and previously generated Windows operating system, all you have to do to find out how much battery you have left is by rolling your cursor over the icon specified on the notification area.

For more information concerning the batteries well-being a click to the right will lead you right in. Estimated remaining battery life and all battery and power settings can be easily accessed in a single click.

Mac Operating Systems

Unlike windows, Mac battery icon is outlined on the top of the display screen. This is where all notifications are placed be it recent files or date and time. The icon gives full battery information by indicating how much it is draining or adding and the time remaining to fully charge a drained battery. In Mac, the effect of programs to the powered battery is provided. For power saving options a click to energy saver preferences is advisable in the management of your computer power.


Linus shows notifications like Mac. However they encase their notifications on menu bars and system trays. Like mac Ubuntu offer batter info and savers option.

More can be learned on batteries and how to cheek for the battery notifications for different laptops based on their operating systems and more features.


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