Console play and PC Luxury Display of a Philips Momentum 329M1RV

Console play and PC Luxury Display of a Philips Momentum 329M1RV

With a 32 inch display screen, adaptive sync, extended color, HDR400 and a 144Hz gaming monitor Philips Momentum delivers diligently.  This device strings impressive feature. Console play and PC Luxury Display


  1. This computer had a solid build
  2. Above average audios
  3. Stunning colored sharp and bright images
  4. Formidable light features
  5. Color accuracy
  6. Multiple systems functions and connections
  7. Redoubtable lighting


  1. Improvements of standards are hard to calibrate

On first-hand view and use, console gaming tech was convoluted in comparison to current PCs. Gamers found it hard here by secluding themselves in more CPU speeds, high RAM and powered graphics. In the contemporary times, remodeled consoles come fully and gracefully packed.

An upgraded monitor produces good performances. Even though TVs are good in gaming connections, most cannot hold two at a time. Wouldn’t all gamers prefer a singular projection able to handle more than one game? Due to more model developments, Philips Momentum 329M1RV has been born to retrieve all the users’ expectations and desires. This is a large panel with momenta specifications and gorgeous in built speaker connection.

For the high built walls between computers and entertainment have been blurred by advanced consoles it is expected that display will jump right to its footsteps. Equally in ease consoles and PCs can be handled by this computing monitor. High powerful performance and premium build are quality resolutions. Although certification by Nvidia is not passed, the compatibility and free runs ranges from 48 to 144 Hz.

With a color gamut covering an approximate of 80% and above DCI-p3 an extension from premium rated picture quality as investigations prove. There is guaranteed color fidelity if a datasheet calibration in inclusive.  The monitor totally is an underrated quality developer in the image department.

Overflow of appreciations from gamers are assured for Philips Momentums performance and features are over the moon. Not only are its utilities extended but also its USB connectivity are ranged in type C and B. As a user, the spitting and flashing spectrum of colors is all at your beck and call. However, I would advise soft glow in the edgy areas for health safety measures to the user.

This 329M1RV is a double sword device that is bound to handle console gaming and normal computing tasks. Although it is a little up on the price range it still marks a gradational status in the gaming industry.

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