Best Lenovo laptops

Best Lenovo laptops

Lenovo is a Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and more: brand that has a global reputation. This however offers multiple options that are a contradictory during seclusion or preference choosing. Understandably this is both minds blowing and overwhelming to the consumers. At your service, I will classify the broken parts and make it easier for selection.

Lenovo ThinkPad E15

This laptop is considered ‘best overall’ among all the brand laptops. The highest buyers’ percentage will find satisfaction in this laptop from its slightly hiked but reasonable cost to how effective it is in fulfilling all the basic computing tasks. It encloses 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM and a 10th generation Intel core i7 with 4 cores.

It might not be the slickest, light and thin among all laptops but it sure is portable enough to enable whatever distances you would travel. ThinkPad E15 has battery life duration of up to 11 hours depending on how often it in use.


  1. This laptop hosts multiple plugging ports
  2. It is worth the price
  3. It has a 15.6 inch and full HD display screen


  1. Most will not prefer the design

Weighs a little heavy

Lenovo IdeaPad I Laptop

This is considered to have a ‘favorable budget’. This is a lower quality juxtaposed with Lenovo ThinkPad E15. Lenovo IdeaPad I encloses 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD and a Celeron CPU Intel. Covered with an ice blue case, this model comes out stunning in design. Upon opening, a 14 inch screen kisses your virtual sense. The narrow bezels make up for a light, thin and slick physique. IdeaPad also has a battery life of 8 hours at full day use.

Reasons to purchase

  1. This laptop is inexpensive
  2. Flexible in travel due to its portability
  3. A promising battery life

Reasons to avoid

  1. Few specifications that cannot at all measure up to a powerful performance
  2. This laptop lacks USB ports

Lenovo Flex 5

This is an excellent balance between price and performance ‘mid- range’. This can be called both a laptop and a tablet thus functioning twice in one device. Its battery would last up to a maximum of 10 hours. Flex 5 maintains high security protocol due to its print reader.


  1. It is the lightest
  2. Functions twice in one
  3. Powerful battery life


  1. It cannot be ranked best in performance for some surpass it.
  2. Contrasted to all the expectations it holds, it has a small capacity storage of 256GB


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