Types of office chairs.

Types of office chairs.

On this article you will get to know the  Types of office chairs.

1. Ergonomic Chairs.

This is a chair that has been designed and made to support the weight of a human body and offer them as much comfort as possible in terms of posture,support and health.

Features of Ergonomic Chairs.

-The chair can be adjusted to suit the height of the person sitting on it.
-The seat is supposed to allow about 2 inches from the edge and 4 inches from the knees for proper support.
-The seat can tilt to allow the positioning of the pelvic bone.
-The are designed in an S shape so that it can offer support to the lumbar and help the person sitting to relax.
-The seat has arm rest handles to help rest the hands
-It has a swivel right under the seat that helps the use to move with ease from one place to the other.
-It has a headrest that supports the neck when lying backwards.
-The soft rubber wheels attached to the swivel enable the user to move easily.

2. Drafting Chairs.

An office drafting chair is similar to an ergonomic chairs only that drafting chairs have a centre tilt mechanism and has an elongated cylinder.They can be lowered to whatever height one desires.Therefore their features are similar those those of ergonomic chairs listed above except for that functionality.

3. Executive Office Chairs.

This are normally used by executive people in their offices for instance company presidents and C.E.Os.

Features of Executive Office Chairs.

-It has wider and more comfortable arms and a waterfall seat front.
-It is normally mucch bigger and wider than normal office chairs.
-The design is excellent as well as the materials used.
-The back is designed to be a bit higher than normal seats.

4. Leather office chairs.

This is simply an office chair whose features such as arm seats and back are made of leather.Therefore,their features depend on the type of chair for instance it can be either an Ergonomic leather chair or Executive leather chair.

5. Mesh office chairs.

This is a typical office chair that is padded with mesh either on the seat or the back.The mesh is normally soft mesh hence is not harmful to the human back.The mesh is the only distinguishing feature it has from the ergonomic chair.

Benefits of Mesh office chairs.

-The biggest advantage of the mesh office chair is that it allows air to flow freely unlike other chairs where one would sweat for long if they sat there for a long time.
-They are known to be durable because the mesh fabric does not seat thus doesnt damage easily.
-They are modern and stylish hence increase the aesthetic appearance of the office.

6. Balance Ball chairs.

It is usually considered an exercising chair because of the ball in the middle.The user has to balance their weight on the inflated ball to archieve an even posture and better support.

7. Kneeling chairs.

These are chairs that requires one to sit on it with the knees bent downwards to 70 degrees as opposed to the 90 degrees of normal chairs.They are mostly used for tasks that require one to work for short hours to lean forward.

8. High back office chairs.

This is a chair that has a long backrest that extends further up to support the head.Most executive chairs are high backs.

9. Heavy duty office chair.

It is designed to be a very big and very heavy chair so as to offer support to heavy people.


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