Standards used in designing and testing of office chairs.

The standards used in the designing and testing of office chairs.

On this article you will get to know the The standards used in the designing and testing of office chairs. Office chairs are made using different designs and standards however the standard height in all office chairs is usually 17-20 inches.The office chair should have an allowance of 2-4 inches from the edge of the sit to prevent the user from falling over.
Office chairs are designed using the European Standards(EN) which involves a transparent,open and consensual process.The design simply considers factors such as the seat height,seat depth,back inclination and the seat width.

Office chairs design specifications.

i. Seat height.

It has a poplietal height and a shoe allowance.The BIFMA guideline line states that it should range from 15 inches upto 19.9 inches.The sum of steel on the seat height ranges from 15 inches to 22.25 inches.

ii. Seat depth.

The depth of the seat should have a buttock poplietal length and clearance allowance and it should not be longer than 16.9 inches for fixed and adjustable seats.

iii. Seat width.

The width of the seat should consider the hip width,sitting and clothing allowance.The seat width should not be less than 18 inches.

iv. Seat backrest height.

There is no specific measurement for the backrest height but according to BIFMA it should be atleast 12.2 inches.

v. Seat backrest width.

The width should consider the breadth of the waist and should be around 14.2 inches and overall 16 inches.

vi. Backrest lumbar.

There is no specific measurement for the backrest lumbar but the BIFMA provides ranges of 5.9 to 9.8 inches.

vii. Armrest height.

The design of the armrest should be of elbow rest height.It should range between 6.9 -10.8 inches or 7.9-9.8 inches.The overall height of the armrest should be from 7.0-11 inches.

viii. Armrest length.

There is no specific measurement or guideline for armrests however the overall length should be 10.5 inches.

ix. Distance between the two armrests.

The distance between armrest should allow for hip breadth,sittting and clothing allowance.It should be 18 inches for both the fixed and adjustable seats and overall 16.5-19 inches.

British-Adopted European Standards for office chairs.

1. EN 1335:2012-It specifies about the safety,strength and durability of office work chairs.
2. EN 1728:2012-This European Standard method specifies about tests methods that are used to determine the strength and durability of the seat which involves the design,materials and manufacturing process.
3. ANSI/BIFMA X 5.1-This is a general purpose office chair rule that states the improvements made on office chairs,the consistency of the tests and the modification of test loads.
4. AS/NZS 4438-This is the Australian New Zealand office chair standard that states the height of the adjustable swivel of the chair. Contact us
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