Software development and what it entails.

Software development and what it entails.

On this article you will get to learn types of software applications. Software development can be simply defined as the process of having an idea about creating a software, conducting extensive research on the ideas, developing the software, creating a prototype of the software program, conducting tests on it, launching it to the users and upgrading.

Types of software’s.

1.Custom software.

-They are developed to cater for the needs of a specific group of people. For instance an online banking software has been specifically designed to cater for banking clients. -They are built to cater for every single person’s needs and they contain features that are compatible with the market and support the end user such as easy to install and upgrade, high security for customers, faster speed performance etc.

2.Free software/Open source software.

-This kind of software is developed by a group of people who grant the public audience the rights to use the software and make any modifications to it. A good example is the Mozilla Firefox software and Google chrome. These two examples of an open source software have one thing in common, they are both used to access the world wide web. They enable the user to obtain information about what they are searching for. Some like the Mozilla Firefox can enable the user to open different tabs at a go and obtain different findings.

3.Embedded software.

-This software is built to be integrated with a hardware with a specific operating system. In simple terms, it can only operate on a specific hardware device with which it was built for that intention. A micro-controller gadget is used to control the hardware to perform its functions. A perfect example is a Bluetooth radio speaker/headphones. It has been specifically built so that purpose and  it can only  be connected to other devices through Bluetooth. They do not require the internet to operate nor do they store any type of information. They are simply used to perceive and transmit the sound through Bluetooth connection. -Other examples are such as Imaging equipment used in hospitals to process images, Motion detectors for security purposes, Traffic control systems, fly-by-wires used in airports to control aircrafts etc.

4.System software.

-They are used to help other systems function. There are 3 main types of system software’s.

  • Operating Software’s(OS)-They help the user to communicate with the hardware and command certain operations. Examples include Microsoft windows, Android iOS, Linux, Apple iOS.
  • Utility software-They facilitate the operations on a computer to run without a hitch e.g. antivirus and disk management tools.
  • Language processor-They are used to collect information and perform tasks such as translating languages. Types of software applications.
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