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Best Chimney  & Fireplace Construction,Repair, Construction & Design Around You

Are you looking for the best chimney and fireplace construction and repair services provider near or around you? At Nextgen Solutions we have expert in chimney construction and design. You might be wondering “do you have chimney construction and design services near me or around me?Yes we do as as we will connect you to near by well trained expert or send you one from Nairobi. We do modern fire place design and construction services or renovate the old ones. Contact us today on 0718 610 593

You may be having a chimney but it is not operating safely and effectively. I have interacted with many clients who have chimney but since the first day their chimney was built they have never used. As every time they light the fire the whole house is filled with smoke.Other chimney were poorly designed. But you don’t have to worry any more as at Nextgen Solutions we are the most reliable when it comes to Chimney and Fireplace building ,Cleaning, Repair and Liners  Services in Kenya.

Professional Chimney Services

We offer wide range of problems when it comes to full service chimney repair to. Whether , your chimney liner is cracked ,your chimney was built minus a liner, or you are having issues with leaks, smoking and drafts, or need masonry repairs, we are here to help. We also provide chimney cleaning, new chimney construction, and a full system assessment and report to assess the condition of your chimney.


Chimney Cleaning Services

Are you looking for quality Chimney Cleaning Services in Kenya? Then you can depend on the Professionals at Nextgen Solutions. You can trust us to clean your chimney and make sure your room are clean. As we have materials to cover the fire place to prevent soot from getting to your room.

Chimney Repair Services and Cost

A crumbling Chimney can be dangerous to you and you’re Family.You could be wondering” what could be the cost of the chimney repair services in Kenya?We provide chimney construction and repair services in Kenya at very affordable rate. You can count on us to repair your chimney. We will provide you with exceptional repair work by ensuring that your chimney well inspected and is secure.

Chimney has many parts that can get damaged such as bricks, motor, cap and shingles. As time goes O chimney’s brick work can erode and crack away. As a result water can now like leaks which became risky. But you don’t have to worry our team are experts in chimney repair and masonry.

Chimney Hood

Do you need a chimney hood in Kenya? At Nextgen Solution we have expert who will help to design and construct a chimney hood for you.

chimney construction and Repair

Chimney Liners Installation Services

For you to get the most of your chimney you need a properly working liner. The best line of protection for your chimney is a chimney liner. We are the best in chimney liner installation in Nairobi,Kenya.Our expert will install for you the best quality chimney liner that come with a warranty.

Chimney and Fireplace Building and Design Services

Are you building a new house? At Nextgen Solutions we also provide full chimney building for new home construction. When building a new chimney to your home, it is important that whoever is building to understand the functional details of a fireplace and chimney system. But many builder don’t have this in mind and they think that a fire place and a flue is all needed. This is not the case as we have seen many client calling for their chimney are not functional. We are forced to rebuild them again. On chimney building a lot of planning is needed. Our certified masonry experts will help design and construct it to fit your unique specifications.

We do modern fireplace design like the one below

modern fireplace design in kenya

Chimney Cleaning,Building ,Liners & Repair Services in Kenya

Contact us for the best Chimney building, Cleaning, Repair and Liners Services in Kenya. You can call us on 0718 610 593 or email us on We offer our services to all part Kenya.

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