There is a high suggestion for each student to own recommended computer laptops, software base and accessories below.


The versatility of possessing a laptop computer is essential since most of the work is cooperative and can be carried out in variety of places.


Gaming laptops

For most gaming laptops to work right, some specs are to be followed. Razers are highly recommended for they are inexpensive compared to work-station branded laptops. Regrettably they are mostly in low quality build occasionally plastic.


Lightweight brand alternative

Ultra book meets most if not all of the laptop endorsed specs. Students looking for laptops should prefer the Microsoft surface laptops. Light weight computers exist with variety of options however they can have advocated specifics.


 Nextgen solutions

The store issues high quality laptops that meet all required specs at a discounted rate. Nextgen offers both Macintosh and windows- based laptops.




Laptop specs and accessories vary from different departmental students including;

  1. Art students

Culture roots mac computers in most art related professions. For an inexpensive cost students can purchase window based laptops with more powerful specs. Nextgen suggestions are based on the need of the computer. Art laptop specs and accessories include;

  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD hard drive
  • Apple MacBook pro
  • Storage hard drive of 1TB
  • Properly configured and installed antivirus software
  1. CRP students

Accessories and laptop specs for CRP includes;

  • USB(500 GB) storage hard drive
  • Thumb drive ( 32GB)
  • At least an Intel core i5processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • Internet adapter preferably wireless
  1. Architecture students

Accessories and specs including;

  • (500GB-1TB)USB storage hard drive
  • USB thumb drive (32 GB)
  • An Intel core i7 or i9 processor
  1. Media students

Due to repeated video and audio editing more storage and a well cooling laptop is necessary. Thus the accessories and specs are;

  • 32GB RAM
  • At least an Intel core i7 processor
  • 1TB SSD
  • A good CPU speed of 4 GHz


Academically, it is strongly advocated that all students own personal computers highly extensive in power to support both computational and demanding videos, as well as sufficient storage for necessary coursework.  Although most students tend to retain their computers in building portfolios and writing papers and email, some classes may require student managements and syllabus distribution too. Check out the best laptop sellers in Nairobi, Kenya

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