Problem with the Driver of Wi-Fi adapter

Problem with the Driver of Wi-Fi adapter

Almost entirely, wifi connecting trouble is said to be poor signals. However, the wifi adapter driver could be the main cause. With no internet, most job are bound to fail. Often times, the problem is enclosed in windows 10 computers. There are a number of causes that notch up the problems and some offered solutions follow.

What are the causes of adapter issues in a wireless network?

  • A not running service
  • A refreshers Winsock
  • Faulty network
  • Problem with the anti-virus
  • Adapter drivers having been problematic or outdated

Regretfully, solutions can be applied one by one only in actual cases.

  1. Update driver

Updating drivers is simply the straightest fix to the wifi adapter’s problems. It is tricky to manually find the up-to-date driver except if the wireless model adapter is found. This can then be replaced with the latest model. You can manually update in the setting sector as follows;

  • On your keyboard type “devmgmt.msc” and punch ok on the windows +R.
  • Expand your network adapters in the device manager
  • Obtain the driver of the wifi adapter
  • Select driver update after right-clicking

You will also find the option to uninstall after which you can then install the new update. You could also reboot and patiently wait for the software to fix the wifi adapter.

  1. Use the Windows Troubleshoots

Microsoft is continuously working to improve and resolve windows errors by using in built trouble shooters. Diagnoses and treatments are conducted best be troubleshooters be it with your wifi or Ethernet. Manually you should;

  • Select security and update in settings
  • Then select Troubleshoot on the left menu pane
  • Add more shooters
  • Run troubleshooters that are internet connected

Follow to the end all steps and see to it that the process mends the problem. Some cases recommend network reset to employ the fix efficiently.

  1. Substitute Network Properties

Switching a few network properties assist in the adapter issue. You will therefore find separate types of connection networks like wifi since it’s a wifi issue. Change adapter options by clicking on the new window

Click right and point out the properties. Checkboxes should be as follows

  • The networks Microsoft clients
  • Sharing print and file Microsoft networks
  • Schedule packet QOS
  • Version Internet protocol 4 then 6
  • Link and discover Topology responder and Mapper driver.

Applying, accepting, and agreeing then enables the change.

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