A laptop is comprised of several parts that enable the normal functioning of your day-to-day work delivery. These parts collaborate and alliances together in the production of efficient and effective produce.  As investigations have proven, a laptop is the most used computing device from business-oriented users, students, teachers down to the gaming departmental beings. The reason for this diverse use is due to its portable nature. Now let us find out how their parts function to our advantage.

  1. Display screen

A display screen is similar to a desktop monitor. It outlays virtually both the formal and informal format desired by the user. Display screens are categorized differently based on the laptop brands (be it Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, and many more). The displays are: VGA, XVGA, LCD, CCFL and LED. The display has two screen types, non- touch and touch.  In non-touch, the selection is done by rolling the mouse and clicking your desirables unlike in touch where you can use pointers or your fingers to select.

  1. Keyboard

A keyboard is an entry interface said to be human, that has a button layout. The keyboard can either be a symbolic, functional or an alphanumeric character. The first six alphabetic letters in your keyboard determine your keyboard type i.e. HCESAR, AZERTY, QWERTZ and QWERTY.

  1. Base panel.

This part offers a place for Cd drive, hard drive, mother board, cooling fan and RAMs installation.

  1. Top panel

The top panel acts a screen holder.

  1. Cooling fan

Just as the name suggests, it cools the computer’s temperature on overheating.

  1. RAM

Random-access memory stores programs and data temporarily and enables fast computer running based on the size of the memory.

  1. Hard disk

A hard disk stores info and files desirably.

  1. Touchpad /Trackpad

A touchpad is placed under the laptop’s keyboards and is used to control the cursor on the screen.

  1. Battery

A battery powers the laptop. Without it the laptop should often be connected to an energy source for the computer to even power up.

  1. Speaker

This is the sound producer in a laptop that controls the rise and lowering of the volume.

  1. Antenna

Wireless connectivity of the laptop is an antenna that operates in a frequency band, WLAN, and Bluetooth in separate standards.

  1. Optical drive

This drive allows the recording and reading of data at an extensive speed.


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