Cheap Original office chair repair parts 

Are you looking for affordable and genuine office chair repair parts in Kenya? Look no further as at Nextgen Solution we have a wide collection of original office chair parts to meet your needs. These office chair parts include chair replacement parts, gas lift replacement and other office chair parts. Whether you are looking for extensive foot rest ring, mechanism handle, bar stool or gas lift cover, Nextgen Solutions we  have everything you need to fix your chairs without any difficulty.


This is aimed as the support between the base of the chair and the seat.Also It is the one that make you seat to move up or down when you adjust it.So With time it get worn out and that when you start experiencing that you seat can longer to be adjusted to move up. The hydraulic gas lift is perfect replacement of a broken or damaged gas lift on your office chair. It comes with elegant colors to merger in with your chairs. Whether you are looking for office chair hydraulic replacement for executive chairs or bar stools. Nextgen Solutions has it altogether to satisfy your needs at affordable prices. Our office Chair Gas Lift are original and none of these gas lifts will collapse and they hold very well for long period.

Office chair gas cylinder replacement comes in different heights but the fittings are quite general. These hydraulic gas lifts are flawless for your executive office desk computer chair. The office chair gas lifts are measured by the length of black body of the gas lift excluding the piston or the chrome. Also Include main support tube, gas lifts will fit utmost chair bases. Height adjustable feature is an additional benefit. Heavyweight duty construction makes it durable and last long. If you are looking for the gas lift for your office chair you will get it delivered for free within Nairobi.


Learn broad variety of caster wheels for office chairs from Nextgen Solutions. We supply high excellence wheels for office chairs. Braked choices and swivel fixed are offered to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for fixed castors or swivel, Nextgen Solutions we have it all. All our Caster are strongly constructed with high effectiveness, reliability and durability.

We stock Cozy castor wheels, Grove castor wheels and Viva castor wheels. These castor wheels feature are able to match up to the underneath of many office chair bases. These are regular hard nylon plastic wheels and perfect for use on carpet and plastic chair mats. They are great for use as office chair wheel replacements, new, or upgrade on your office chair base. If you are looking today for office chair caster wheels just give us a call on 0706731791.And get them delivered within Nairobi central for free!


Are you looking for office chair base parts or replacement base for office chair? Nextgen Solutions offers the best chair base replacement service for all kinds of chairs in Nairobi Kenya. Office Chair base comes in diverse styles to suitable for your office chair base requirements. We have extensive variety of replacement base for chairs from Bar Stool Metal Base, Star Office Chair Replacement Base, and Corona Star Base to Findon Metal Chair Base to Polar Star Base. These office chair base parts are durably built to withstand additional weight than standard chair bases. They are made to hold additional weight so you can sit confidently without any worries on your office chair. And seamlessly fits nearly all average chairs.

If you today you are looking for bar stool base, we have a base that is commonly used for bar stool. It is beautifully built and chrome plated. You can get great quality aluminum base with polished finish. And also high quality metal base with shiny finish. These office chair base parts are perfect for use as a stool base or in new applications replacement office chair. Don’t wait any more. Get your office base delivered to you accompanied by our well trained technician to fix it at your doorstep.

office chair parts base


Is your office chair’s armrest broken or worn out? Don’t worry as you don’t need to buy a new office chair. But it is time for replacing your office chair armrest. At Nextgen Solutions we offers a wide-ranging replacement armrests for office chairs at reasonable prices. Get your damaged chair handles replaced today for added comfort. Office chair armrest they are general as left and right side are the same. Our office chair are made of soft touch with additional comfort and durability.

Nextgen Solutions we  have variety  of office chair handle replacements including Elsa chair armrest , Opus chair armrest,Beige chair armrest, Erika chair armrest and much more. You can use them for upgrade or new replacement of your stool, office chair, or task chair. Pick the suitable replacement armrests for your chair today from us! Get it delivered to you accompanied by our well trained technician to fix it at your doorstep.Click to see common issues with office chair and how to fix them

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Are you looking for best and affordable office chair mechanism parts or office chair mechanism replacement services? Looking no further as at Nextgen Solutions we have it. If your office chair mechanism is broken you don’t have to worry. Because you will get office chair mechanism repair services from us whenever you are. Whatever chair mechanisms you are looking for, we at Nextgen Solutions we have it. We have a wide range of chair mechanisms available here. They are   beautifully designed and features a chrome plated finish.

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Office Chair Accessories

If your chair is damaged or broken, look no further than Nextgen Solutions. We offer the best office chair repair services in Nairobi, Kenya. And we stock office chair accessories like gas lift, screws, hand mechanism, lock, height adjustable lever, wheel tension screws and more.This Allow you to sit at ease while resting your head, arms and feet on a chair. Whatever parts you need for your chair repair that is damaged we can get it for you. These original chair accessories come at affordable prices and quick delivery with small cost of labor of fixing your office chair. Get your office chair accessory today at Nextgen Solutions, your one stop office chair repair shop! Call us today on 0706731791 or email us on