Laptop verses Desktop

Laptop verses Desktop

Computing compactness is alluring but not enough to support laptop benefits.


A laptop is much smaller in size thus taking up less space in your house or office however the same cannot be said for a computer desktop that takes a much larger space.


Laptops categorizations have greatly developed from different classifications to fit the fulfillment of different needs. Although these are undefined categories are clear they can be called all-rounders, multimedia powerhouse, gaming laptops, budget, student and ultraportable.

Energy use

Laptops run a low cost annually since they are using less power while desktop PCs run under a much higher power.


Many if not all laptops can be perfect and reach the required features of a mi-range computer desktop, ultraportable included. Some key factors are:

CPU (Central Processing Unit) family and brand

The closer the generation to us the more efficient the CPU and more fast. They include;

  • Intel core i5 processor
  • Intel core i7 processor
  • Intel core i9processor
  • ADM Ryzen Chipsets

CPU frequency

This is speed that is measured in gigahertz like 3.2 GHz.

Storage type

Solid state drive otherwise referred to as flash storage is proven fast than hard disk drive that does not have any moving parts. Both in the hard drives and solid state drives, speed and capacity vary extensively.


When a program runs, it uses random access memory as a temporally storage. In the past few years, a 4GB RAM would have been great, however with time 8GB RAM has been the normalized memory amount.  The need for more memory has elevated day by day, for your laptop to maintain more files and run fast more RAM is required. Probably a RAM of around 16 or 32 GB RAM is perfect.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

This sorts the computing load displays and creates images therefore offering a hand to the central processing unit. Mega and more developed laptops will possess a discrete graphic card while normal laptops will have onboard graphics.

Display screen

Full HD specifications are screen display resolutions in both high level and mid-range laptops.


Most if not all laptops and Intel-based models can access the windows version and some Linux.


Upgrading any laptop is really hard. Its parts are permanently built and not designed to be rebuilt. When purchasing a laptop you should consider getting one with all you require for replacements are more complex than thought.

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