How do you purchase the best laptop computer

How do you purchase the best laptop computer

Whether your preference is based on ultraportable, Linux, Mac or Chrome OS, notebook has more for everyone. During laptop shopping it is paramount to recall that it is not only the speed or size that matters. There is more to it than that. Getting the model of your choice in the right price range would count on a long list of stringed considerations.

Types of laptops

  • Ultraportable
  • Notebook
  • Ultrabook
  • MacBook
  • Netbook
  • Chromebook
  • Convertible
  • Tablet as a laptop

Entry, mid and high laptops


Looking for a cheap basic-task laptop, that can occasionally be used in light prudence and you don’t require high performance, then you can find your satisfaction in a less expensive device.  These inexpensive laptops could still browse, send and receive emails, conduct general computing jobs, and process general word. This laptops suit young students and casual users best.


Are you an adventurer whose’ traveling feels like breathing? Well a lightweight laptop is more preferable for you. In this case an Ultrabook is a good choice for it is light and thin. These laptops suit regular users, students, business people and families.


These computers are for serious professionals and enthusiasts that perform intensive computing tasks. This laptop has plenty of random access memory, extensive graphics capabilities and high and powerful processing speed.

Mac, Linux, Android, Windows and Chrome OS

If a debate rose to argue which of this is best in contract to the other, none would win. This is simply because the pros and cons balance each one of them. All creations, even humans possess strengths and weaknesses. In this case you will have to make a choice nevertheless both in the hardware and software sector.

Apple’s macOS pairs only with their family (fellow Apple). Chrome OS can however run on mini PC, laptops and many more versions that usually are lightweight and run on internet connection.

What direction should you follow when looking for a good laptop?

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

A computers price and power is almost fully based here thus making it the computers brain.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Aim for at least 4GB for entry level, 8GB for mid-range and16GB for high-end. Be cautious of the RAM for it is unlikely to be increased or upgraded.

Screen quality

For gaming’s, better graphics, and good viewing and watching large screens are best, and the larger the laptop the larger the screen.

Storage space

Sometimes, files can’t be easily controlled and unless you want to have a cloud only storage, then your storage space matters.


All laptops require fans to help cool once they run hot and a good laptop should cool always in use.

Choose wisely.

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