Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold Series

Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack Gold Series

Side bets are a perfect way to gang diversity when you play your best-preferred card game. Mostly the bet paves the way for a chance to gain peak payouts. All this certainly is a way to describe Hi-Lo 13 European blackjack gold. It’s a variant table game that is loved and offered mostly in pokies. The game is popular and very competitive. Let’s find out more about the game.

1.     Tech info

The game has a modern graphic theme with red, blue, white, and gold colors dominating. The current and updated version is by Microgaming. European Blackjack is played with upgraded mellifluous sound effects, and an elegantly scripted table that brings a home feel when playing the game.

The game first originated in France in the 1700s. It was named Vingt-et-Un (twenty-one). Another version of the game was prevalent in Spain by the name ‘one and thirty.’ Having three cards adding up to 31 was a basic rule in the Spanish version.

Rumor has it that Blackjack’s invention was by Romans, who used to play using wooden blocks that were numerically different values. Thanks to the French colonist, the game spread to North America and was soon around the continent.

In 1931, the game, still termed as ’21’ became popular in Nevada after gambling was made legal. No specific person has been pronounced the developer or publisher of the game, no matter how evolving it has been. So far, the Blackjack is worldwide played.

The game has had changes made by upgraded online casinos. The move proves the uniqueness that is meant to ground a player on a particular casino field. The most recent updated European Blackjack is by Microgaming.



2.     Game features

European Blackjack is grounded on basic rules. In the game, the player is against the dealer for a better scoring hand. All cards have their value, which may vary from card to card. The game is built on several actions: splitting, double down, hit, and stand.

Like other games, an effort and constructive mindset are required for a win to be met. The gambler has to divide the odds to calculate their payouts. If the odds are2:1, then the math will give 2. The payout results will be added to the regular bet, thus giving the total win.

There are three hand combinations in European Blackjack Gold, namely Blackjack, standard win, and insurance win. On a regular bet, they have varying odds. Blackjack leads with 3:1, followed by insurance with 2:1 and lastly usual with 1:1. When you have your first two cards as an Ace and another card with ten as the value, you own Blackjack and your handstands.

In case a dealer’s hand exceeds 21, the hand bust and you win. On a push, you are guaranteed to get back your regular bet. Generally, a value of 10 is present in all face cards where else benefits of 11 and1 are of Ace. Beating a Blackjack is never an option; it can only be matched.

Anytime your handstand, no more cards are offered, and you end play. To prevent your dealer from getting Blackjack, you can take insurance only if the dealer’s first card is an Ace. Protection is only meant to cover an original hand, not double down or split.


3.     Game plot

Blackjack involves comparing game cards between a dealer and single or multiple gamblers with a deck of 52 cards. Each player competes against the dealer, not among themselves. The cards are shuffled and handed two per player ( one facing down and the other facing up.

European Blackjack has a house edge that ranges 0.5%-1%. This range excessively makes the game the cheapest from the player’s perspective. Promotions of Blackjack like complimentary play vouchers and payouts elevate the gambler entirely and without merely going against the game’s basic strategy.


Microgaming has built a pack with the release of European Blackjack. The equipment of all the required features ensures an enjoyable and memorable play session for people who prefer card games. Side bets inclusion gives a mild touch, which in turn diversifies the gameplay. With precise specifications, the game can be played on mobile devices whenever and by whoever.


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