Advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks

Every gadget be it a mega computer, or a laptop down to the simplest of phones has both its positive and negative performances.

Wireless network pros

  1. Availability and access

No adaptors or extra cables are needed while accessing the office net due to the extensive tech that enables communication even on the move for its users.

  1. Cost-saving

Because most rental landlords prefer their buildings left in good shape and in less need of repairs, a wired network faces strong objections/ refusals or has high cost of damage repair during shifts. On the other hand, wireless network installation is cheaper and easier to install, manage and uninstall at any desired time.

  1. Increased efficiency

Fast info transfer is brought up by improved communicational data between customers and partners in the business sector. The sales department can check remotely all prices and stock levels while currently on sales calls.

  1. Flexibility

Office-based workers can carry out communications and their general duties at any particular place in or out of their said buildings. This new and developed working style has greatly encouraged home working employees in corporate places.

  1. New opportunities

Transportation places have endorsed business people in a healthy working transport environment. On train stations, plane ports, by the road restaurants and hotels have hot spot services that are Wi-Fi installed to enable efficiency in work away from work.


Wireless WI-FI cons

  1. Transmission Speeds

The wired network transmits faster due to the Ethernet cable’s efficiency. Since wireless networks do not have a physical transmission, it tends to lag and perform inefficiently.

  1. Coverage

Steel tends to lower signals or act as a barrier in the transmission. Buildings built by reinforced steel materials find it hard to pick used radio frequencies thus being referred to as black spots due to signal unavailability.

  1. Problems During Installation

During installation, nearby networks may interfere leading to poor communication in some cases and complete loss of communication in extreme cases. Using the same network technology in the same structure brings about the existence of electromagnetic interference.

  1. Security

Bugs, hacks and software attacks are extensively expected for any unauthorized users could breach the internet connection. Encrypted security detail should be practiced.


When purchasing a wired network connection, one should consider how much the pros outweigh the cons. Choices and preferences are not only based on the user but also on the cost of installation and maintenance.

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