Advantages and Disadvantages of office chairs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of office chairs.

On this article you will get to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of office chairs. Office furniture generally contribute to the aesthetic view of any office.Choosing the right type of chair for your office is an essential contribution to your business.The office chairs vary in sizes and designs.
Choosing the right office chair not only affects you business but your employees to.It contributes to both the physical and emotional being of your employees.Office chairs have their own merits and demerits which are stated below.

Advantages of office chairs.

i. It creates a good aesthetic view and a stylish environment in the office.When office chairs are arranged in an office,they provide a good view which attracts visitors.
ii. Office chairs help in ensuring maximum comfort of the user.Most people work for long hours and hope to come to relax in their office chairs.Exercise balls also ensure maximum comfort of the user.
iii. Office chairs help in improving the productivity of work.A person tends to work better and faster when seated as compared to standing.The seating position ensures the comfort and relaxation of the user.
iv. The office chairs help users archieve comfort as well as maintain the posture a good poster.The seat should be adjusted to the height the user is comfortable in and he/she should seat in an upright manner to avoid causing any damages to the spine.
v. Office chairs tend to contribute to the relationship between employees.If an office has quality and comfortable chairs,the employees will have a great environment and they will relate well with each other.
vi. Having good office chairs saves on costs that would be incurred because of injuries and faulty furnitures.All the parts of the office chair should be well maintained and any broken parts should be fixed to avoid injuries which would incurr extra costs.

Disadvantages of office chairs.

i. These office chairs can be quite costly to purchase for instance the Executives and Ergonomic office chairs.They also cost a lot of money in maintaining them as well as servicing.The casters have to be frequently lubricated and the material making the chair can wear and tear if not well maintained.
ii. These chairs can be very uncomfortable to sit on for long hours.If the back seat is not well adjusted it can make the user uncomfortable and may hurt their back.
iii. Sometimes during cleaning or shifting,the chairs will have to be moved around.It can be quite difficult to move these chairs around because they are quite heavy.

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