3 Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

3 Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

On this article you will get to know the Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design. The idea of this text isn’t to deny the apparent advantages of responsive design. But I would like to speak about some disadvantages that we’ve to think about before asking this famous question: “Responsive or not responsive? ”First, we must confine mind that the knowledge architecture is made to suit several devices, requiring far more work than designing for a classic website.

Disadvantage #1: Load Speed

Like we said before, responsive design is predicated on HTML5 structure linked to CSS styles. So all the devices load all the info. Even if the mobile version only keeps 60% of the desktop content, 40% are going to be loaded and hidden with the CSS. Consistent with studies, 40% of users leave the mobile website if it’s not loaded within 3 seconds. So under 3G connection, the bounce rate could be high. According to Gomez and Akamai, a delay of 1 second may reduce by 7% the transformation rate. On mobile, every second is important! By increasing the loading time of an interface, responsive design may have important consequences on the business outcomes.

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Disadvantage #2: The respect of usages

Depending on the device and therefore the context, a digital service are often utilized in many various ways. If the usage is different between desktop and mobile, it won’t be possible to hide all user’s needs with a Responsive Design approach. And since all user’s needs aren’t perfectly covered we can’t state the experience is rich. Using Responsive Design could also be a rough adaptation of an experience that doesn’t fully consider the contexts and therefore the specific usages of every device.

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Disadvantage #3: Web browsers Compatibility

It’s important to stay in mind that HTML5 isn’t yet supported by 100% of browsers. Especially on old smartphones. Responsive design might not be the simplest solution if the audience doesn’t own recent devices. Hopefully, this disadvantage will disappear as because most of those devices are now html5 compatible.

Using Responsive Design is basically efficient to deliver a service to a really wide audience, to possess a good visibility on the market. But it sometimes requires to form concessions especially in terms of performances and user experience optimization. Check our web design services