What Rental House Management Systems entail.

Introduction to Rental House Management Systems.

On this article you will get to know Rental House Management Systems Features  The Real Estate sector is growing immensely not only in Kenya but globally.Most real estate developers,both in the public and private sector,are using technology to run their businesses. Some of them own and invest in a lot of properties and cannot manage all of them at the same time therefore many have adapted the use of RHMS to manage their properties.Property owners use the services from this system to check the past and present records of their tenants.  

How RHMS functions.

Any developer or property owner will explain to  you vividly that in such a line of business it is good for one to know the background history of their client before selling or leasing out their house to them. The property owner should perform a due diligence on their tenant?buyer before engaging in any kind of transactions with them.Some of these information include is the tenant able to pay the rent on time?How has the tenant’s relationship with his previous landlords been and why did they move out of the previous place they used to live in?All this kind of information is very important for any owner as it allows them to know the kind of person they are letting into their compound.This is where Rental House Management Systems play a role.   So if someone wants to rent out a place,they can just log in the tenant registration module and enquire about the place and the house they want to rent out.The property owner also has their own module where they can be able to post a picture of the property they are renting out,upload details about the property and change the details whenever they want to make changes.  

Features and functionalities of Rental House Management Systems.

  1. Registering/booking a house.This feature enables the client to book a house prior entry.It only requires the user to enter their mail address and phone number and they are automatically registered.
  2. Viewing of the house is made possible by the system by simply clicking on the view button and the list of the houses will appear for the client to view.
  3. Login by admin or property owner..This requires one to input the username as well as the password and they are granted permission to access records.
  4. Creating a new account by the admin or property owner.If the property owner wants to register new tenants or start a new account,they would simply enter their email address and fill in details about the new password and username.
  5. The user can also log out of the system for instance if a tenant moves out of the building into another apartment,they aren’t required to log in to the previous account anymore.
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