Website Content Development and Updating.

Website Content Development and Updating.

On this article you will get to know Website Content Development and Updating.

Web content development refers to the process of conducting research ,writing,editing,recording and finally uploading the information to be used by the public audience.
Updating of the website content simply entails selecting the website from the drop down pages,looking for the title of the content they wish to make the changes,opening it and making the necessary changes.

Advantages of creating content and updating the websites.

a.)Frequent updating of the website systems enhances the growth of the website.The web master or web content creator has to upload more content to keep the users informed.
b.It enables the user to stay updated to the current changes happening.Regularly updating the information contained in websites helps keep the users informed and upto date.
c.)Updating websites for businesses enhances more exposure of the business to the current market.Customers are able to know what products are currently available in the market and how to access them.
d.)The exposure of the business to the market increases the number of sales.Change is inevitable and human beings tend to yearn for new content every now and then.Their needs and demands change thus they contribute to the increase in number of sales.
e.)It assists the business owner to know what products and services are mostly purchased.The business owner is able to know which products attracts the customers the most and which ones the customers are not fond of.

Websites consist of different parts such as

⦁ Web design functionalities-A good website should be eay to use and navigate,the URL should be easy to remember,it should be easy to search and fing and should be able to operate on various browsers.
⦁ Web services-this is the method used by two or more electronic devices to communicate over a network.They include web service description language,web service conversation language,web service flow language,XML interface for network,Web template,JSON-RPC etc.
⦁ Web Contents entails the information found on a website.The web content is created by a web content creator or a website writter.
⦁ Content updates is the making of changes of the content contained in a website.The changes could be made on the topic or the whole information on the website.
⦁ Website Interactive contents-Websites use creative contents to attract the user.They may use interactive questions,emails,books,images,calculators and surveys.
⦁ Updated Interactive contents-This is simply updating the information displayed on the website interactive content such as the ones mentioned above.

Examples of web development sites.

There are various websites used to develop other websites.Some are free to use while others require have to be paid for.

Free Web development sites.

⦁ FreeCodeCamp.It is mostly used by learners for training web design.
⦁ Coursera
⦁ W3Schools.
⦁ HTML Dog
⦁ Traversy Media.

Charged Web development sites.

⦁ Udemy.
⦁ Treehouse.
⦁ Code academy.

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