Types of websites and how to design them.

Types of websites and how to design them.

On this artilce you will learn Types of websites and how to design them. Below are the different types of websites and how they are designed. Homepages. This is where the design begins at.The homepage is said to be the mother of the website as it provides a channel to other areas on the website.The different topics are arranged in a hierarchical manner and separated with color,texture,contrast etc.It is used by users to navigate to other areas of the websites.

Magazine websites.

People publish various topics in magazines.They may be educational or recreational for instance fashion magazines.Clients love seeing a consistency in the layout and design of the magazines.Things like images and colorful topics tend to attract the readers. An example of a magazine layout is the Urban Omnibus which usually have layouts that describe various features.

E-commerce websites.

These ones work hand in hand with POS systems in designing.The POS system connects with the website and provides information on the sales and marketing of goods.An example of such websites are Amazon and our very own Jumia. Blogs. Blogs are like magazines only that their content is more personalised.They are normally written by people who are more prolific in writing.Sometimes they are accompanied by pictures and videos called vlogs.The content should be very creative as they reach so many people.Therefore before releasing them to the general public,they should be thoroughly previewed.

Portfolio websites

These are used by people in various industries to advertise their work.For instance a furniture maker/designer can create a portfolio that includes the pictures of all the furniture they he/she has previously designed.He could also create an advertisement campaign of his business.The portfolio also provides more information about the designer.

Landing pages.

This is a page created specifically for advertising and marketing.Some POS systems such as shopify enable the user to perfect the art of creating a landing page.They normally use very attractive 3D and 2D images in their design which makes it more attractive.

Social media websites.

The websites on these platforms are known to reach the largest number of people globally.There are different types of social media websites created by users on Instagram,Facebook,Linked In,Twitter etc.

Directory and contact pages

This is a website that helps people to connect with each other.For instance a Real Estate company can create a company website that shows where their offices are located and their contact address.They can also describe the service they offer for their business.
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