Live Streaming Services in Nairobi Kenya

Live Streaming Services in Nairobi,Kenya

Now days most people are looking  for live streaming  services in Nairobi  Kenya. This is because of  the emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic which have brought major changes on the way we do things. More than half of the world right now is either under lock down or partial lock down. Those who are out are practicing social distance which will become the new norm. This have changed the way organization and individual interact with their client or audience. This has made live streaming to become a very powerful means of communication from being just an entertainment tool. Today if you looking for live streaming  services in Kenya I am here to help you.


Live Streaming To Multiple Platform Services


Multi streaming- means live streaming on multiple streaming platforms at the same time. For example you want to live stream on.


There are many platforms one can use for live stream on multiple platforms at the same time.
► Castr:
► Restream:
► Switchboard:
► Open Broadcaster Software (OBS):
► Wirecast:

Today I will talk about using Restream and Zoom.


Zoom is one of the cloud platforms for video conferencing. I am sure you have already heard something about it. It is not just an alternative to Skype or Hangouts but it is a wonderful tool for live streaming.


Reasons why you can use zoom for live streaming.


1.  Allows you to live stream on platforms, like Live, YouTube Instagram live.
2. With Zoom you can use third party tools like obs and restream.
3. Zoom as a video conferencing software have features that enables hand raising, polling, virtual and participation of people at the same time on the screen.


Are you interested in knowing how to use zoom for multi streaming ? Then you are in the right place and you will learn how to use this tool. Whether you’re a professional interested in running webinars or a religious leader looking to reach out to your members.


1. Use o of a paid Zoom plan
2. Use of a third-party apps.
Today I will only cover the first option.

Live streaming using paid Zoom plan

I will guide you on step by step on how to live stream on multiple streaming platforms at the same time. All you need is a paid Zoom plan and a restream account.


1. The first step is to allow live streaming meetings in you zoom profile, click on settings, the in meeting and click on Allow live streaming meetings.
2. Second step host a meeting and click more in the meeting control panel and chose Live on Custom Live Streaming Service option.
3. The third step is to put in the Streaming URL and Streaming Key. They are found in the Restream channel dashboard.
4. Then from you any of your connected streaming channel like Facebook or YouTube copy the url and put it on the zoom.
5. Lastly press that Go Live button. And Restream will broadcast your live stream on all your streaming channel that are connected.

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