The innovation of technology has done away with most of the work of property management companies.These companies often offer the same services as the tasks that these softwares do.They use these softwares in performing tasks such as listing of vacant houses,advertising houses,they provide house/office maintenance services to the members of the building,manage the activities in the building etc.Some of the systems software include AppFolio,Buildium,Yardi systems,Fresh books software among others.There are 4 major RHMS modules

There are 4 major RHMS modules that are used in rental houses management systems.

  1. The entry module/login module.

This module allows the user to login into the system successfully by uploading their personal details such as full names,current home address,email address and phone number.

  1.  The house/office booking module.

This online portal allows the registered users to view the houses/hotels/offices that have been posted and book them either for renting or leasing purposes.

  1.   Posting of the house module.

The owner of the property or the system admin is able to advertise the houses that are on sale/lease by posting them for the viewers to see.Vacant units are also posted here.

  1.   Feedback module.

The owner/admin gives feedback to the clients about queries such as vacant houses or new houses.The user can also contact the owner by using the contact details provided by the admin.

Main benefits of Rental House Management systems(RHMS)

  • The interface has been specifically designed to suit all the needs of the user therefore it is very easy to use.
  • They have also been designed to fit all types and sizes of property such as public and private real estates.
  • The system is also able to process all types of payment methods therefore the tenant does not have to queue at banks and ATMs
  • The system can generate financial reports for the owner thus enabling him to gauge his position at spending and income,bank statements,budgets etc.
  • The property owner/admin can pass messages to his tenants through using bulk sms hence reducing costs that would be incurred in channeling messages through other ways.
  • The system also has an all day and all night response team therefore clients don’t have to go through the trouble of looking for the owner to speak to them or the company’s office.
  • The load of work is also reduced as the whole process is done online.

The main demerit of this system is that tenants who want to pay their rent/lease funds using credit and debit cards are limited because the system’s structure does not support such payment platforms.Therefore technicians are in the process of being modified to fit the standards. Check Top best property management system in kenya

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