Programming languages used in software development.

Types of programming languages used in software development.

On this article you will get to know Types of programming languages. Some may ask what  Software development is.In simple words it is the process where software developers go through the clients needs,develop an idea about the software,design a plan,execute the plan, conduct a test using various methodologies and after multiple reviews release it to the end users.

               Types of programming languages used.

                1.Java.            It is a high level programming language that allows software developers to write once and run the code on all platforms that support java.             It has a  language which supports numerous philosophies that are object-oriented and procedural.It uses the C and C++ syntax languages but on a lower level.


-This programming language was developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1980s.It is a high level programming language that is easy to interpret and very interactive.             It is also available to the general public which means that end users have been permitted to make any changes to the software as well as improve it.             


            Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP) is a  language that is used to develop websites and web applications.It was developed for general programming in the 90s.            It is used alongside HTML ,web template and web content management systems to create a web application.The Hypertext preprocessor(PHP) language is processed using the Command Line Interface (CLI) and the Common Gateway Interface(CGI)


Its can be used generally in a lot of places.This programming language was developed by a Japanese by the name Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 90s.            It has features such as;
  • It is subject oriented and focuses on the objective.
  • It uses literal notation for expressions and symbols.
  • Every statement is communicated in an individual manner and acted upon individually.
  • It has a central management system called Ruby Gems.
.5.Swift.             Swift is an apple programming language that consists of the combination of new research and ancient experiences.It is a powerful language that allows the programmer to interact with it easily.             It consists of features such as excellent functions,fast iteration,programming patterns,more return value etc.  6.SQL(Standard Query Language)/ SQL is used by programmers to get access to the records of clients.The SQL works hand in hand with the database by asking a query for a record and receives the information from the database. For instance,in a police investigation,the IT expert could request to see all those who go by the name John within a certain radius or area.He would therefore type the name John and the name of the location and have access to all records.    7.C++ It is a continuation of the C programming language.Various modifications have been made with time thus it is now a general purpose programming language that is objective oriented and with great functional features.It also has multi-paradigm

8.HTML(HyperText Markup Language).

As a markup language,it is used to distinguish one document from the other.This means its structure has been built in a way that it is used to enhance the general appearance of a text and make it look more neat. They use tags and brackets to introduce the document and provide more information when clicked on. for example<TITLE> which means that when the browser body is clicked on,it will provide more information about the context it contains
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