Process of developing a mobile application(Android/ios).

The process of developing a mobile application(Android/ios).

This article will focus on the How to develop a mobile App .Different mobile applications use different processes to be developed.The stages to develop these mobile applications are:
  1. Having an idea of the app to build/create.

-The first step to any technological innovation is having the idea.All great inventions around the world began as an idea.It may be a single person’s idea or a group of people.After having an idea in mind,the second thing is to think of the challenges that might be associated with the idea in ou case the application. -After identifying the challenge,you look for the best solution to the problem.

       2. Strategizing of the application.

-Before executing any idea,one must have a plan of how they will execute it.A strategy involves writing down the objectives of the app.Why are you creating this app and how is it going to be of help to the users?Secondly,how are you going to compete favourably with other app developers who have created similar apps?These are some of the questions one should ask themselves while developing a strategy. -The application should be able to record feedback from the users.The feedback will enable the owner to upgrade his application.The main purpose for building these apps is to generate income.Therefore,will the app you developed be able to bring back the money you invested and help you earn profits?

       3.Creating and designing of the application.

-This is where the team of experts chip in.The professionals will bring the idea to reality for the client and help him to develop an application that will give him monetary value as well as satisfy the end users.In simple terms to create a win-win situation. -They help the client to decide the best app for his users may it be a native,hybrid or a web app. -They ensure that the server generates a proficient environment for the end user,have a language that is well understood by the user and a well organised way of conveying information to the user.

        4.Developing,testing and reviewing of the application.

-The stages in creating the app here are broken down into smaller parts using the  Agile-methodology.Each part will be planned,developed,tested and reviewed separately to see how their features function.

        5.Deployment/running the application.

Mobile applications are deployed using either the web server or the google play store/apple app store.This means that the end user can be able to browse using the server and download the app from the google/app store. Thats all on How to develop a mobile App

        6. The application is then officially launched for the general public to use.

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