Mobile applications and how they are developed

Introduction to mobile applications and how they are developed.

On this article you will get to know Process of developing mobile apps Modern technology has greatly impacted our day to day activities. People are now able to move from one place to another by the help of applications,students are able to learn new ideas through the apps.In a nutshell,technology has made everything possible. An application can therefore be described as a program developed by an application developer in a computer,phone or tablet so that it can be used by the end user. Applications are on the rise because of their proficient capability to store information that can be easily retrieved by the user unlike a website which does not store details.Some of the popular apps used globally include facebook,instagram,twitter,Amazon,snapchat,zoom etc.

Advantages of mobile applications.

They help the customer have fast and easy access to data and various services. They act as a base for companies to market their products and services. Phone apps help reach a wider range of users thus providing an extensive user platform. The apps help in building the brand of the company thus is a major advantage to the company. They are used by companies to offer better services to customers thus improving customer engagement. It offers a platform for users to air their concerns and give their feedback. Customers establish more loyalty when using apps in purchasing goods and products.

Disadvantages of mobile applications.

They require to be frequently updated which can be tiresome and very costly at times.The cost of developing an app at the initial stage,the cost incurred in listing the apps. If one does not properly advertise their app well it is as good as dead to both the client and to the users who will not be interested in using the app. Some native applications are not compatible with other devices’ service optimization engines, for instance an ios app cannot operate in an android device. Mobile and computer application softwares go through a process in order to be fully developed and used by the audience.These steps are:

Strategizing and pre-designing stage of the app.

Here, the client strategises on how the app will look like and reviews the market and the type of competition they will face. The client then chooses the mobile platform that will be used to introduce the app to the users.

Design stage.

This is where the construction of the app begins at.This cannot begin without the team of experts behind developing an app such as the project manager,app developers,UI/UX designer and the engineer. They come together and go through the requirements then create an architectural design of the app and develop a prototype. The team then moves on to create a User Interface according to the taste and preference of the client then tests the prototype to see how it performs.

The stage of development of the mobile application.

Using the Agile methodology,they break down the developments and focus on the individual functions of each piece and it is then released to the client for him to review the application. Testing of the app is done to confirm how it performs,whether it is compatible with the device,how secure the app is for users among others. Various experiments are performed to confirm these features.Releasing the app to the public audience and getting feedback to fix teething and buggs. Process of developing mobile apps
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