Machine Learning Programming Languages


Machine Learning Programming Languages.

On this articles you will get to know the Machine Learning Programming Languages

  1. Python programming language was created as a general purpose language in 1991.It is a simple language that is easy to code even for first time users.
    Features of Python.

    -It is easy to code and easy for first time users.
    -It has diverse visualization packages.
    -It is a procedural,imperative and development paradigms
    -It uses natural language to process data.
  2. R Programming.
    It is used in learning machine language methodologies such as classification,regression,decision tree formation,random forest etc.It is mainly used in computing statistical data.It has multiple tools and supports command lines and other IDEs.
  3. Javascript/Java.
    It is a multi-purpose programming language that is known for its proficient algorithms.Its frameworks support different machine learning algorithms.They are also mostly used in cyber security for detecting cyber breaches.
    Features of Javascript.

    -Package services
    -Graphical representation
    -High speed and accuracy when coding.
  4. Julia
    This is a general purpose,high level,high performance and dynamic programming language.It has a large automatic memory and machine learning libraries.It was also designed to solve linear algebra and other statistical problems.
    Features of Julia.

    -It is an interactive language.
    -It has a very easy and straightforward syntax
    -It supports metaprogramming
    -Julia normally intergrates the advantages of dynamic and static typing.
    -It has a full featured debugger.
  5. List Processing(LISP).
    It is considered one of the oldest known functional languages that originally used two types of data,atoms and lists.It is mostly used in Artificial Intelligence programming.The most unique thing about LISP programming language is that it can be written by itself through the self modifying programs.
    Features of Lisp.

    -The programs can be updated dynamically.
    -It is a machine independent language.
    -It also has a high level debugging
    -It is an object oriented programming language.
  6. Scala programming language.
    It is a general purpose language that is both an object oriented and functional programming language.Scala language can create traits with both abstract and non-abstract methods.It is a statistic language that is used to solve statistical problems.
    Features of scala programming language.

    -It computation is very slow.
    -It uses a hig order function.
    -It has a concurrency control
    -It also has matching patterns
    -It uses a singleton object.
  7. C/C++
    It is a multi-paradigm ,object oriented language that is used to develop algorithms so they can work better and faster in machine learning.

    -It is multi-paradigm language
    -The memory management is large
    -It is an object oriented language
    -It receives great support from the community.
  8. Typescript.

The typescript syntax first transforms the javascript then checks the javascript type system.It is mostly used in large projects.

               Advantages of Type script.

-It is easy to spot bugs when using typescript.

-Its IDE support is very strong.

-It has a high predicability.

-It also has a high predicability.

-It has cross platforms and browsers.



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