Drinking water distribution system in Kenya.

Drinking water distribution system in Kenya.

On this article you will get to know Drinking water distribution system in Kenya. The distribution of water involves pumping water from a source and supplying it to the various premises using pipes or vehicles tanks. The water may be supplied to homes, businesses, industries, institutions, fire stations etc.

Features of a good distribution system.

a. The water passing through these distribution systems should not deteriorate in quality.
b. The system should have a good pressure head that is able to supply water to all places it is required to.
c. The water being supplied should be able to reach all the places in the right amount it started within short, the distribution systems should not have any leakages.
d. The distribution systems should be able to supply the right amount of water during fire fighting.
e. The distribution pipes should be strategically placed at about 1 meter above the sewer system.
f. Incase of repair at a section os the distribution system, the system should still make sure that water is supplied to all the necessary points.
There are 4 main types of drinking water distribution systems in Kenya.

i. Dead end distribution system.

The design of this distribution system is easy as it involves one main distribution pipe that runs in an area and sub main branches from the main pipe.It is also simple to install and requires less costs in maintenance.
However the main disadvantage of this system is if there occurs a problem at the main pipe,the whole area being supplied with that pipe will not have water.

ii. Gridiron distribution system.

This system has a main pipe,a sub main pipe that is perpendicular to the main and sub branches that connect the sub main pipes. It is ideal as water can reach every point.

This system has its advantage such as water is able to reach every point intended, there is minimum loss of water through pressure heads and in case of repairs in the pipes, other sub main and branches will not be affected.

iii. Circular distribution system.

This distribution system has many sub mains and branches that originate from the main pipe thus makes water always readily available and in large amounts. This system is very ideal in an area that is well planned to ensure efficient distribution of water in all areas.

iv. Radial systems.

This water distribution system is quite complex as there are sub main pipes that are connected to the main pipe. Then other several branches that are connected to the submains then they are supplied to various premises.
Its biggest advantage is that there is availability of very large amounts of water that is quickly distributed to all points. Also, any leakages form a part of the main or sub main branches will not affect other parts. However, it is quite costly to design, construct and maintain.

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