Cost of TV Screen Repair/Replacement in Kenya

Are you looking for the Best and Cheap TV Screen Replacement in Kenya?

TV screen prices are usually very high for two  reasons

1.TV Screen is the most important part of the TV without it you don’t have a TV

2. Cost of Importation is high as the screen is very delicate to transport.

TV screen Replacement Prices in Kenya.

  1. 24 Inches TV —  Ksh  6,500
  2. 32 Inches TV — Ksh 10,500
  3. 40 Inches TV  – Ksh 18,000
  4. 42 Inches  TV  – Ksh 19,000
  5. 43 Inches TV – Ksh 2,000
  6. 55 inches TV –  Ksh 32,000

This are some of the TV screen Prices in Kenya. The prices varies depending on the model number and the prices.